Tuesday, December 27, 2016

3rd day of Christmas - St John on the road

Home in our own beds sounds pretty good, but we did share on the way home about how fun and good it was to be with Nancy and her young family for Christmas in Kansas City.  It is very special to spend Christmas with young children and share with them prayer and fun and laughter and not too much of the fussing or arguing.  It was really very peaceful and we enjoyed our time away from home a lot! 

Watercoloring with Berna and Dominic is a special time that we enjoy together...
Grandma Barbara...
Gingerbread tree and house were group projects with mom and dad...
A new tradition is grandpa with candy!
Josie gets her first piece of licorice to suck on... I think she is learning that candy is yummy!
Cold enough to see your breath in KC, and we had to scrape the windows on the car covered with frost.   The roads were wonderful and we only saw a light covering of snow about an hour from home. 
John got a lot of snuggle time with his Goddaughter, Josie!  She is the sweetest little girl... we never heard her cry!   Today we celebrate the wonderful feast of St John the Evangelist!  He shares with us the simple luminous lessons of God's love! The Word became Man and dwelt among us!  Yes!!!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb and family!

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