Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Awaiting the stories of her life/love/light as we take one more step in saying goodbye

Sitting with her candy jar beside her surrounded by some of her family on a Sunday morning about a year ago... Ruth has her candy jar and is filling it to have at the her wake today.  "Grandma with candy" was her fond name amongst our grandchildren.  With a "please" and a "Thank you" they were taught a lesson in manners, moderation in their one or two pieces of candy, and her love for each one of them. 

Many are missing at this recent wedding, but this is about 2/3rds of her family.  Almost all of us will be together at the Church today for her wake.  I am looking forward to hearing the out pouring of the stories from those that knew and loved her over her 97 years of life! 

In the Gospel today Jesus tells us that he is truly The Christ!  May we see the example of Faith lived out by Grandma Ann, and see from her fruits her life in Christ and service of his most especially in her domestic Church/family.  She led many to The Truth through how she lived life, and when necessary used words.

Miraculously with all her kids, and she will be today, too!  No, picture will capture it today, yet our hearts will know it to be true!

Jesus, through Baptism Anna received the light of Christ.  Bring Anna into your presence rejoicing.  We lift up all those mourning her loss.  May they find comfort and peace in The Lord, Our Lady and The Saints.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

Dear all of you, priviledged descendants of a saint and mother,
> Yes a saintly mother Anny Verly  has  been taken "home" after 97
fruitful years. While tears come to our  eyes, our  hearts  are  filled
with gratitude and beautiful memories of a great person in  every sense
of the  word:she was a  mother to all her descendants and a loyal friend
to many. She was a gentle woman for all she  met on the  way: open,
kind, in touch, reconciling,forgiving, understanding,and freeshe was; in
one  word :a loving person  in every way and towards everybody God put
on her  path.Words fall short to express the beauty of her soul.She  was
awoman of  faith and  hope sustained in prayer. We will miss her. But we
will stay in touch  by trying to prolong  in  our lives the  values and
virtues she  has  lived before  us. I notice that I am writing in the
we-form.As if I too was one  of her children.Maybe that is the  way I
> I extend my sincere condolences to all of you.You have been blessed with
a great mother and grandmother.The greatest honor  and best tribute to
her is to pick up the spiritual heretage  she  has left for us.
> This evening I  had  mass with a group of  retreatants and  we all
prayed for her  and  to her , and for all of you .These day I will be
closely connected with you.We will feel one anotherĂ‚´s vibrations...I
will follow all the  events around  the  funeral and will pray with and
for you all.Anna Verly is alive and well with her God in the communion
of the saints !
From her cousin, Father Germain Louwagie

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