Sunday, December 18, 2016

CCC 2016 in the books... Super great in the cold and our prayers held off the storm!

The 3 four year olds with baby Jesus at Cross Christmas Camp 2016.  They are all on their way home exhausted but happy!  Nancy and Bill will arrive in Kansas City last of all... probably around 8 or 9 tonight.  Our heads are spinning and our hearts are full after the whirlwind of saying goodbye to Pat's mom as we gathered around her deathbed for over a week, than the family gathering from far and wide to celebrate her life including our girls from Kansas City and Missouri with their families.  Then out of work and school early to get to Wisconsin for my wonderful family Christmas ahead of the storm.  We arrived earlier than we ever have before even though we added an hour and a half in rush hour in the Cities with snow in the dark!  Many prayers for safe travels were answered!
Pat stayed home to be sure the cows and calves were good with the snow and the wind.  He bedded them in fresh bedding - about 20 bales altogether after getting up at 2:30a when the snow let up.  It reminds me so much of Mary and Joseph heading to the barn in the cold and her giving birth and placing God in a manger!  My dad and I were reading in the Magnificat about how a Virgin was kept safe from Satan in that he did not expect her to be married to a man, who listened in a dream that he should marry her!  So important to keep them safe!  When Pat beds his animals to make them comfortable it brings me back to Christ being laid in a manger surrounded by sheep and cattle and probably barn cats and dogs...
After making sure that all his animals were safe - he traveled to join us a our family camp... my family is approaching 120 now so we spend a whole weekend catching up and we had Tshirts this year for the first time even.  So special! 
Our 2 Davids with Baby Jesus.
Maria's family with new Evangeline Mary!  They are now to spend some wonderful time with Joe's family in Wisconsin!  Then Maria will come and spend some time with me - maybe up to 6weeks while Joe starts his JAG training!
Berna and Rose had a wonderful time together - here they are doing cookies!
Gus and Luke with the cookies after all the work was done, and a few in their tummies!

Time to unpack and more will be coming!  Bless-bless, Barb

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