Sunday, December 4, 2016

"I realized how GREAT God is and I knew that He was worth my whole life..." Little Sister Hallel

A great jolt of a surprise as I looked up to see Hallel looking down at me in the entry way outside the dining room abuzz with the Camp Foley breakfast going on.  This is Simon's year to go as a 6th grader from HRS!
Such beautiful words from my daughter, who loves her life as a bride of Christ!  I just had to pause and marvel at her precious words expressing her great JOY as a Little Sister!   I am a sister because...
"I realized how GREAT God is and I knew that He was worth my whole life.  God created me to be happy and here He has fulfilled my every desire." 
A picture from 4 years ago, that is  a wonderful sunny farm scene.

Mass shared before the breakfast and then we all gathered around Pat's mom...
At home sharing our Faith in the Church that Pat's family has always attended and ours also!
Mary spending quiet time with her beloved great-grandma. 

A smile for Father Paul when he takes some time for anointing of the sick.  She also took the Eucharist from Pat.  No to food and drink, but yes to Jesus!  How she loves him and has her whole life!  Her family gathered around her!  She certainly has born much good fruit!  St John The Baptist shares "the tree that bears good fruit."  Mom!
So much LOVE for such a great lady that has given each of us unconditional love!

Pat shared that Hallel called her grandma from Rome today and told her to not be afraid, but run into the arms of her loving and forgiving Savior!  So filled with faith/family/farm!  This great farm wife and mother has touched us all in our deepest souls!  Nancy and Bill with their 4 little ones will be here in a few hours... all the way from Kansas City to see her grandma one more time!  That is a deep love! 
Mary prays for her Great-grandma daily... how she loves to hold hands with family.

Jesus, thank you for this second Sunday of Advent and all that it holds for us... Faith and Family are what really matters in this lifetime. Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

#SaintoftheDay St. Barbara (3rd c.) was born in Nicomedia in modern day Turkey. According to tradition, after the death of her mother she was raised by her rich and tyrannical pagan father who, because of her beauty and intelligence, guarded her closely, keeping her locked away in a tower to protect her from the outside world. She was educated by tutors and came to reject the false gods she was ta...ught to worship in favor of the true God for whom she yearned and wished to discover, dedicating her life and virginity to this purpose. She developed a prayer life and resisted her father's attempts to have her marry. Believing Barbara to be negatively affected by the seclusion, her father allowed her more freedom to associate with the world. She soon discovered Christians, and, recognizing the Creator she sought, and was baptized in secret. After informing her father that she was a Christian, he denounced her to the authorities under the persecution of Roman Emperor Maximian. She was imprisoned and cruelly tortured, but remained steadfast in her faith. During the night she would pray fervently, and her wounds would miraculously heal. This only subjected her to greater torments, followed by more miraculous interventions. She was finally beheaded by her own father, and afterward he was struck and killed by lightening as punishment. St. Barbara is the patron saint of firemen, armorers, artillerymen, military engineers, miners, and others who work with explosives. She is also the patron against storms, lightning, and fire, to name a few. St. Barbara's #feastday is December 4th. #MorningOffering
My patron saint today!  I have heard lately that she is the source of Rapunzel in her tower.
St Barbara is big in Texas - she was in the entry way in the church on base in El Paso!

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