Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Love to borrow my daughter's wonderful pictures! Christmas is in the air!

How can you beat this?  I am super excited to get Ruth's pictures yesterday...the Christmas cards are ordered even a few days before Christmas, and I need to get out the family picture for all to see as Ruth's camera was the official one used for the BIG family picture of close to 100 of us that gathered on the coldest weekend in years!  We were warm as we shared our Faith and Family.  Here are our 3 four year olds with their brown eyes and sweet smiles.  They were on the go from dawn to late into the night both nights we were there, and think that CCC/Cross Christmas Camp is the best fun there is!
4 year old Patrick keeps the 3 boys together, which is a major feat to accomplish.  Luke is now 3, but the 3 boys are less than a year apart, and had a great time together too.  Dominic doesn't want to take off his CCC shirt according to his mom... he has worn it over his jammies at night.  A sure sign to grandma that he has fond memories of this great Christmas weekend.
Nancy's family includes new Josephine, who is experiencing her first CCC!  Living in Kansas City now couldn't keep them away!
Romeo's ginger hair and hazel green eyes are a work of art along side the beautiful baby Jesus!

Today the Gospel is the wonderful "visitation" of a pregnant Mary, who went in haste to visit her elderly cousin pregant for the first time herself.  Both miraculous fruits in their wombs, and John leaps for JOY when they encounter God growing in the virginal womb of Mary.  One of my favorite stories as a mother, who loved being pregnant and had high hopes for many children - 7 in heaven and 5 here with me. 
The two Davids - one with brown eyes and one with blue... smiles that include their eyes!  How we love our time at CCC!  What a crazy week it was with Pat's mom dying on the Sunday before and her funeral with the girls and their families coming up and all going to Ruth's home - 22 including two nursing babies, because we had Pat's sister and her family in our home.  Then the next day we were trying to beat the storm and get to camp before the BIG snow with life-threatening cold.  We made it, but had to leave Pat behind to care for his livestock.  He got up in the middle of the night to feed and give them fresh bedding so that they were comfortable... a very Christmas thing to do with our hearts and sights set upon the stable and a baby laying in a manger!
In my mind I had a fake plan to try to do a live nativity with the kids and Em being the baby Jesus... this one is as close as we got, and is very sweet with the two oldest girls - Mary, who is 10 , and Therese who is 8... brown eyes and blue eyes again, and I predict that little Em will have brown like her mommies

There are two options for the first reading today, and reading them as we had daylight in the car, we both thought that the one from Song of Songs was our favorite... we are in Rochester today for a MRI for John.  The doctor thought it would be nice to have one for this year, as John will not be able to come here next year due to insurance.  Our hopeis that this will be straightened out over this next year. 
Such sweet all consuming LOVE are in these words as...Hark!  MY LOVER - here he comes springing across the mountains, leaping across the hills...  So much does he pursue us that we may be sure that he took on the humble state of a small helpless child to become one of us although he was God!
Maria's sweet family are having a most wonderful and rare family gathering with Jospeh's entire family gathered at his parents home in Wisconsin!  Maria reports that they are all healthy and having a fabulous time together!  Christmas it truly in the air and that LOVE we have gained through our Savior coming into the world and instituting The Church to give us much each day for our journey has given us a small slice of heaven here on earth as we gather in our domestic Church/family sharing our Faith together!
This one wins!  With 24 to get to look and smile there is always a few that are not looking or have a crooked head or just plain look tired, which many of them are!

The official headcount for this year, which is down due to the cold... 87!  Each year is unique... for our family we had two new little girls having their first ever CCC!  Next year we will have another new little girl with Ruth expecting her in March.
A few Santas to end my sharing for today...
Luke is 3...
Therese is 8 and probably enjoying some outside fun in the snow in this much warmer weather!
Josie's first time checking out Santa.
Cute ginger Romie!
Dominic won't take off his shirt!
Mega decorations on the cookies this year...

Lord, just days away from Christmas!  What a crazy time it has been with all that has filled our family time with both of our families gathering together in force.  To celebrate the life of my wonderful mother-in-law and to share Christmas together on the large scale that is CCC!  You pursue us with your LOVE, my Lord!  We long to be consumed by that love and allow it to bear fruit in our lives!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Jesus reaching out to us from the manger with his LOVE for you and me!  Thanks Dan for this work of art!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

We are back from Rochester and the day is getting away from me... good news for John as he was praised by our Neurologist at how much he has regained after the biopsy in such a "difficult and tricky place in his brain."  We are still finding reason to be grateful for his healing!
In Doctor Brian's waiting room with the familiar dirt road we have looked upon during ups and downs, but never staying down.  We are so grateful for the part Mayo has played in John's rare case and bringing him to the new John and finding Faith through brain cancer!  We are to return Jan 2018 for another MRI until we reach year 10 in 2020.  We are grateful for their interest and keeping an eye on us!  Bless-bless, John, Pat and Barb!

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