Friday, December 23, 2016

O, Holy Family heal families... O, baby Jesus reveal the Truth that ALL LIFE is Sacred!

Our family picture taken less than a week ago at CCC!  I am in the process of making out 150 cards and getting them in the mail.   Since I used a picture Ruth took with her camera and had the cards made in an hour... I did not get to add Hallel, although she is always in our hearts!  I will add her eventually for my own joy and to see with my eyes what it true for all of us.  It was just amazing to all be together at my beloved Cross family Christmas!
Another option with many of the little ones not as good, but Bill is better here.  Sorry, Bill!

I love all things Catholic and the "O Antiphons" have been popping up all over the place in my Catholic world, so I wanted to make up a few on this last day before they end with Christmas Eve.  They are used from Dec 17-23...  O, Holy Family may you be in the hearts of families and bring them healing and a small slice of heaven.  May their lights shine out into the darkness, as an example of how our families can be a domestic Church in which we share our Faith with JOY and die to self so that Jesus may live.  We long to be your hands and feet!
An example of a holy family thanks to keeping Jesus and His Bride, The Church ever first and foremost in their lives.  Open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!

I really wanted to use little Em in a live nativity with my grandkids... but looking at this I think this is exactly that!  Cherishing all life!
Another example of a family, who looks to Jesus and His Bride, The Church in their lives.   They will be welcoming their 6th child in March!  They are now the full fledged farm family as they live on the farm and have the life that their parents grew up with!  Lots of excitement around there on Christmas morning!
Our Nancy's wonderful growing family!  Nancy evangelizes so powerfully in her sharing on her blog and involvement with Catholic women looking to the Truth given us to live by in The Church.  Most of all they are an example of being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS for the world!  Faith and Family are both so sacred and what truly makes the world go round!
O, sweet baby Jesus, we pray that you reveal The Truth to the culture of death that ALL LIFE is Sacred and to protected and cherished from conception to natural death!  Your growth in Mary's immaculate womb and coming into this world in a humble stable and laid in a manger of hay... How you show the world that we must trust in You no matter what we face in the storms of LIFE, but foremost that LIFE is a gift to be always protected and cherished and nurtured and honored and valued and revered and see God in! 
How we must trust and die to self with each new child we are called to raise as a light!  Yet, our love only grows more and more with each new life and is not stretched more thin!
Basking in His LIGHT!  The world is filled with so much darkness and confusion and lies from Satan... it is so important to instill the Truth and LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT/Jesus and His Bride, The Church into our children!  Sharing our Faith with JOY is huge in keeping them on the narrow path!

The Gospel today is the miraculous birth of John the Baptist!  Imagine those that looked up to this priest and his wife, who is also from a line of priests!  I am sure they never hid that this child in their old age was the result of the touch of God upon them.  Knowing this they named him "John" in the face of ridicule and then raised him as a LIGHT that left the tainted temple behind and preached the healing of sins in the wilderness!
Look to Jesus, O man, O family, O woman, O Catholic Church, O girl, O boy, O teenager, O young person, O couple, O religious Community, O Community of the Lamb, O priest, O nun, O convent, O monastery, O newborn, O unborn, O conceived in the womb, O old person in the nursing home, O person dying on hospice, O world of sin and death and darkness and see The LIGHT!
Jesus is the reason for the season!  Bless-bless, Barb and family including 7 children and 3 grandchildren in heaven rejoicing and surrounded by LIGHT/LIFE/LOVE!
The best GIFT ever!
Tomorrow we head to Kansas City to see Nancy and possibly Our Community of the Lamb!  Luke will be here holding down the farm and visiting his other grandparents just 10 miles from their farm to ours!  Patrick is in Wisconsin with Joe's entire family together and having a "fabulous time!"  John will be coming with us to see his Goddaughter, Josie, and her family!
Close to 90 of us - with about 30 missing due to the cold... 3/4ths is pretty good in my book!
Family is the best!  Thanks mom and dad for being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS.  As the oldest of 11 - I can say that!
And then there is this story that has filled my LIFE with The Truth!
One last one around the manger!
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The O Antiphons, also known as The great Os are Magnificat antiphons used at Vespers of the last seven days of Advent in Western Christian traditions. They are also used as the alleluia verses on the same days in the Catholic Mass.

They are referred to as the "O Antiphons" because the title of each one begins with the interjection "O". Each antiphon is a name of Christ, one of his attributes ment...ioned in Scripture. They are:

December 17: O Sapientia (O Wisdom)
December 18: O Adonai (O Lord)
December 19: O Radix Jesse (O Root of Jesse)
December 20: O Clavis David (O Key of David)
December 21: O Oriens (O Dayspring)
December 22: O Rex Gentium (O King of the nations)
December 23: O Emmanuel (O With Us is God)

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May the Child Jesus be your guiding star in the desert of this present life. (Padre Pio Archives)
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My favorite thing is to stop into Church and gaze at Jesus in the tabernacle!
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O Antiphons - Gregorian chant

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