Monday, December 12, 2016

Our Lady... honoring a great lady with tribute after tribute

So thrilled at the Feast Day greeting us in the dark this morning as Pat, John and I prayed morning prayer together.  Our Lady of Guadalupe...her miraculous appearance to Juan Diego, which resulted in a Church built for her in two weeks and then she converted 8 million natives in 7 years!  How we love Our Lady, who is honored with an altar with our wonderful Community of the Lamb in Kansas City!  I just called them to tell them about grandma Ann... they will have a mass said for her in The Community in the next few days!
Such a stark picture of her helplessness and being cared for by her children!

Maria shared this today with these words;
"My Grandma Anna. Farm wife. Mother of 10. Grandmother to... too many for me to count right now. Wonderful hugger. She had a powerful and meaningful grip when she held your hand. She was unwilling to take an indirect answer. She wanted to know what you REALLY were thinking and feeling. She cared. Always had a cookie or candy for the little ones. You could easily find a Rosary laying around her home. She was magnetic. She could always be found out and around the community... having coffee with the ladies, playing cards at the Center, volunteering at the hospital, closing down the Church's pancake breakfast... until she broke her hip in a fall. Then life got quieter and slower, which wasn't easy on her. However, she embraced it and clung to the time she had with family in her home. A little over a year ago she started to weaken and was placed on Hospice. She wanted more than anything to not be a burden to others, and to simply go see Jesus. God had other plans, though. She had to give up this one last desire... and be served by the children and loved ones whom she had loved on for so many years. In the end, she was completely dependent on those who had depended on her for everything. At the age of 97, she was given the gift of a peaceful, quiet death surrounded by family and prayer, without even the ability to grasp at life. Everything else had been taken away. We love you, Grandma, and we are so glad that you are finally with Him whom you have desired for so long. We miss you."

Pat read this over and over with his first tears... touched by the Truth this reveals to us as parents of 5 of those grandchildren, who love dearly their grandma Ann! 
Lifted up by many hands... totally depending on others to care for her needs!

John had me weeping so much it was almost impossible for me to voice my prayers this morning...  He prayed for the children that mom will meet as she had about 2 or 3 losses in the midst of her 10 children, and then he prayed for his 7 siblings in heaven, who will be meeting their grandmother and "she will love them like she loved all of us here on earth."  Oh my!!! You can only imagine how that touched me... there will be an army of grandchildren as I recall most of us have experienced that loss - some more than others!  It brings tears to my eyes but such a huge smile to me to imagine her with her lap perpetually full of those lives she is now meeting and the LOVE just growing bigger and larger and more and more without end! 
So much love poured into this display by the local Hispanic Community!

"You surprised us on our wedding day -- the most perfect and special gift. You lived humbly and showed the most perfect and patient love to those around you. Thank you for blessing me with a rockstar mama; I see so much of you in her. This world will miss you but now you're home, sitting with Jesus and that gives me peace. You are so very loved, Ann Julia -- spoiled to be named after you and your gracious heart." another tribute of love from a granddaughter, Julia, her namesake.
A picture that accompanied it!
The last picture of her with all of her kids!  Yes, it was taken just 4 months ago at Julia's wedding!  Such a precious keepsake now!
Holding hand like she means it has been so important this last couple years!  That firm grasp is now being shared with all those she loved and lost as well as those she is meeting for the first time - probably about 20 grandchildren and children!
She literally reached out to touch and show her love and care for so many!
Only about 2/3rds of her family here.

Jesus, there is so much overflowing from my heart this day, and maybe that it why my eyes continue to overflow, too!  I am not sad rather I am deeply touched in my heart by all the beauty coming forth from many that have known the love and hard work of mom over her many years.  I am filled with rejoicing in this 3rd week of Advent knowing that our family will be all arriving to share our celebration of this great life!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah!
Soft fluffy snow on the way out to the chickens.  Chickens are new for me, but mom Verly had them for many years and sold eggs.  I was thinking about her on my way through the snow today.
Yes, I am now a chicken farmer, and mom was before I came to the farm.  I have heard many stories from the kids including my husband about those days.  Bless-bless. Barbara Luke

Mary and Rose with Mary and her roses in the winter!

Am I not here, I, who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not the source of your joy? Are you not in the hollow of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms? Do you need anything more? Let nothing else worry you, disturb you.”

(Cardinal) Burke calls this apparition “the mystery of the Visitation as it was experienced on our continent in 1531. The woman clothed with the sun, bearing the Infant Savior, the Anointed, in her womb, appeared to Saint Juan Diego, from December 9 to 12, 1531, in order that a chapel be built in which she might manifest the all-generous and never-failing merciful love of God for us, incarnate in her womb and alive for us in the Church, above all, in the Sacrament of the Real Presence, the Holy Eucharist.” ...
Reading the Gospel of The Visitation today...  more words from the "hail Mary" greeted our ears today!  "Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb..."  after John in Elizabeth's womb leapt for JOY!
Can't hear it too much!  She certainly comes to the humble and my grandma Ann was in that state for almost 2 years!  How she looked to her Faith and Family!
A picture from 3 years ago today!

Danielle Rose - Memorare
Danielle Rose - Hail Holy Queen
Danielle Rose - Hail Mary

Bishop Barron visits her shrine in Mexico!

 “…she has desired to remain with us always, in order that the mystery of the Visitation might be always new for us. She has miraculously left her living image on the tilma or mantle of St Juan Diego. In the magnificent basilica built to her honor, in which the tilma of St Juan Diego is enthroned, the Mother of God continues to visit pilgrims and to announce to them the great mystery of God’s all-loving and never-failing mercy.” ...
“… in 1531, she inspired her sons and daughters to abandon the horror of human sacrifice and to respect the inviolable dignity of every man, both the Native American and the European, so now she inspires us to be tireless disciples of the Gospel of Life, working to end the horror of procured abortion and so-called “mercy-killing,” and to promote the respect for the dignity of every human life from the moment of inception to the moment of natural death.”
Cardinal Burke

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