Saturday, December 31, 2016

The 7th day of Christmas - reflecting on 2016

Just sharing prayer with Pat and John on this last day of 2016 led to reflecting on the year that was 2016!  One of the biggest gifts and blessings are our two new granddaughters!  One born in May and the other on All Saints Day - November 1st!  Enlarging our Family and our LOVE!  And now we enter 2017 tomorrow knowing that the picture will be complete at the end of March with the arrival of Ruth and Paul's little girl, so our joy and family continues to grow filled with more and more LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
Also big for this last year was the peaceful passing of Pat's mother surrounded by her family!  Christmas came early with her house filled with many in her last week and a half of sharing her faith and love for family from her death bed!  She was such a huge part of our lives, and although this last close to 2 years was hard and humbling for her... we still feel a big loss at her passing, yet are happy that she found a way to leave this world and join her loved ones, Jesus and Mary and the Saints in heaven.
Having John here living with us, and his new job working in Tracy high school is the ongoing journey he is following as he asks The Lord to show him "the path."
Being a God father to 3 gives him a lot of joy and practice in being thoughtful.  God father suits him well!
Foremost in this last year is the BIG move!  2016 began with a huge remodel on the first floor of the farmhouse where Ruth grew up!  We moved and traded places on Good Friday, and it was the right thing to do!  Ruth and Paul and growing family are living on the farm and loving it, and Pat is reassured that he can continue to be very busy there, yet have the young and interested help that he needs.  I was ready to be put out to pasture, and we are all happy and settled into our new homes.
Our home welcomes our kids and their kids and spouses and we are all comfortable here!
We love to share our home with FAMILY!
It is now our little red barn... the sign remains on there and is The Truth for me!
Love the tears for mom... add one more with Evangeline's arrival on November 1st! 
Family time is the BEST!
Praying the rosary and reading The Word around their mother... she united us in prayer from her deathbed!

The Gospel for today is the beginning... The Word was God... and this life was the LIGHT of the world.  So true!
I have this in a special place in our home - the memorial plaque from our friends along with a picture of Susan/Hallel with her grandmother the day before she left for France to join her Community of the Lamb!  There is definitely a family resemblance and we know of Hallel's prayers for her grandmother and call to her just days before her death from Rome..."Don't be afraid, grandmother.  Run into the arms of Jesus!"
Breakfast with great grandma Ann on her porch this summer after mass.  "I am so happy that I could share the Eucharist with my mom each week.  That was something we both recognized as Jesus, and it was an honor to take her to mass each week after she broke her hip, and then bring it to her in her home when she went on hospice."  Pat this morning
smiles all around!
New farmboy on the farm!
Different for me was being a chicken farmer...
Now it is their fire pit and they enjoyed a lot more fires than we have in the last years.  It is just good to have a young family living on the farm!
The chickens could be going soon!  A new year without chickens...
Ruth nursed 4 abandoned kittens, but this year she will have her own little girl to nurse!

 I could go on and on... we all know that.  Life is good and we love family that is filled with LIFE and all that it takes to raise them as LIGHTS!  Jesus, we trust in you.  May 2017 continue to be filled our traveling down the path you have laid out before us!  May we die to self so that you may live and work ever in our lives/families/domestic Church.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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