Thursday, December 1, 2016

The second coming and our death - "both are certain to come, but are uncertain when." Fr Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is such a powerful image to view when with our beloved Community of the Lamb... in front of the altar in the summer of 2008 Susan told us that she would be going to France to become a little Sister of the Lamb!  Now 8 years later she is Little Sister Hallel and lives in Rome.  Our horizons have been broadened and our family including over 100 more members rather than limiting our family by her vow of chastity - becoming the spouse of her beloved Lord, Jesus Christ!  Some would think that we have been robbed of her having children of her own, but we are so blessed with many to love and many prayers for all that we face on this journey towards heaven.
My handsome husband, who loves LIFE and through his support and encouragement I was open to LIFE through our entire childbearing years.  We did not end up with our dozen children as we thought, rather we have 7 in heaven praying for us and our 5 with us on this journey. 
Such a familiar little dark haired girl - so much like our 4 girls!  It looks like they could be moving far from us on their next post, so we might not be able to see much of her growing up over the next years!  Time will tell...

How we are filled with gratitude to have Advent Season to grow ever closer to our Lord!  The first week of Advent it devoted to being ready for the Lord's return - his second coming!  I loved the meditation on this by Fr Gerard Manley Hopkins this morning.  Jesus speaks to us today of this being prepared for death and our entry into The Kingdom of Heaven today in the Gospel - Matthew 7.  If we listen to "these words of mine and act on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock."  He speaks clearly that we know not the time, therefore we always need to be sticking to the narrow path and do the will of the Father!
Over Thanksgiving Pat was rarely without a baby in his huge arms and a lot of times two!

It was thought provoking to read the meditation about how with each day we draw closer to the - "every day our death and the world's end are nearer than before."  That is definitely food for thought and gives us reason to be vigilant and to always strive to be obedient and humble servants!
Sweet sisters, and I could get really sad thinking that they will be too far away for us to see even yearly!  I am consoled to think that they could live with us for a month or more this winter while Joe is in training.

"But there is a difference between our death and the world's end: the world's end though every generation, one after another, is warned of it, yet only one will be overtaken by it, the rest will have passed away before; but death comes to everyone and none escapes.  Therefore God has given us more warnings of death: age is a warning, sickness is a warning, and the deaths of others that go before us are a great warning.  For the last day none have seen, but almost all men have seen death."  Fr Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.
Regardless of which we focus on... our death is out there and we have no idea sooner of later.  I have one goal in this journey - to be with Jesus each day here as I carry/drag my Most Cherished Cross and follow after him down the narrow path, and Trust in Him for as he guides and directs my LIFE - Jesus is in control!  If we are striving to die to self and allowing The Holy Spirit to work in and through us... then we will be ready no matter the time or the place - if Jesus should come this very day through our death or his second coming!
Johnny misses his Goddaughter, Josephine!

Jesus, Yes to this!  "Trust in the Lord forever!  For the Lord is an eternal Rock.  He humbles those in high places..."  Isaiah 26/the first reading from mass today.  We need to recall that we are not in charge and get off our high horse before we fall off or are pulled off!  We need to stick to the narrow path and go through the doors that are opened ahead of us.  Follow the LIGHT that is ahead and leave the darkness of sin and death behind.  How can we be misled by the lies of the world when we have The Truth there to fill us with LIFE/LIGHT/LOVE?  We die to self and trust always in your plan for us - where do we find that plan?  Sometimes by doors closing or being humbled, through your Word and partaking of your amazing Sacraments, Prayer without ceasing, the Saints and my go to Mother of heaven and earth - Mary the Mother of God!  How can we go wrong?  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Thank you Grandpa Patrick for leading our family by the Truth that we need to be open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS for the world!  "I am the 4th child in my family and I might not be here without that Truth being embraced and followed!"  Josephine Francis Bandzuch
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
"I am the 5th child in my family and I do thank you, grandpa Pat, for my life in this world that thinks the perfect family has 2 kids!"  Evangeline Mary
Siblings are so much more wonderful than stuff!
The family is our domestic Church where our faith is shared and passed on with JOY!
He is there - LOVE is there on the altar!
Children in Eucharistic Adoration
Love this!
Faith shared with JOY and as Truth!
JOY is the key to hearts being touched with the Truth of LOVE!
May we always be searching, too!
Danielle Rose - If I touch him
Casting Crowns - Glorious Day

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