Monday, December 26, 2016

The second day of Christmas - St Stephen leads us from the manger to the Cross...

The small children kneeling before the nativity icon under the altar in the beautiful Light of Christ/Lumen Christi Monastery in Kansas City!  Singing Christmas carols to Baby Jesus in the cave/stable and laying in a manger.  We are reminded today with the first martyr, St Stephen, that we don't just gaze upon the humble infant in the manger, but realize that it leads us to the Cross/the Tree of LIFE!
Grandma's rosary on grandpa's lap in the sunlight streaming in for our Christmas mass with The Community yesterday.  Another day in Kansas City and we are so amazed that we have yet to hear this little girl cry!  Such a sweet happy little girl, who we love to get to know better with our frequent visits here!
The children coming forward after mass to adore the Christ child!  I found myself feeling close to our Little Sister Hallel/Susan as we were with her Community here in the heart of our country.  Little Brother Clement gave me the gift of a hug.  He took his habit just moments  before Hallel, as the first American to join the Community and then Hallel just a short time after him.  "If I give you a hug will it help you not miss Hallel so much?" It truly was a wonderful tight embrace to help us find comfort!

A plate for a little guy only on Christmas!
It looks like a mass shared with Family! 
A camel came to visit at our community meal!
Camel making the rounds...
Away in the manger... a special family portrait.  It is very special to have Nancy and Bill just half an hour away from The Community and able to share with them.  Gus, Bernadette, Dominic, and Josephine will have such wonderful memories of their visits there and sharing mass and prayer and gazing upon the icons, which tell us about the life of Jesus.  Such a beautiful holy place!
Morgan is a young girl, who is joining The Community from Minnesota! 
Bernadette taking it all in, and feeling at home in this beautiful prayerful place!  Forming her inner temple filled with such deep humble spirituality. It brings us close to our daughter, who is not able to be with us in person, yet we always know of her prayers and her love for her family a half a world away from her.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
So wonderful to share family time with our Family of the Lamb.  "Wounded, I will not cease to love." is the motto of love they live by, and so appropriate of St Stephen, who forgave those that were stoning him to death!
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The second day of Christmas!
His glory is what shines forth in our beloved Lumen Christi - Light of Christ!
Christ the Lord!
May my heart always be open!
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Jesus!  May I love you with my entire heart and never waver from following after you no matter the cost of if it requires my life as a martyr of you!  May I love you with my entire LIFE, O Jesus!

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