Friday, December 2, 2016

The time of waiting... gift and cross

Four years ago for Christmas this was the work of art we were blessed with... My girls seem to have their babies in bunches and 4 years ago Rose was 7 months, Berna 6 weeks and Patrick was 2 1/2 months... at 4 they are as thick as thieves, and best buddies!
The three 4 year olds this summer... I think Our Lady has a huge smile and is giggling behind them to see the LOVE and bond of Faith/Family/Farm. 

My 3 oldest daughters are married and open to LIFE, so it seems that one or another of them is usually expecting a new baby.  And they seem to share babies in bunches of less than a year apart.  We are awaiting Ruth's little girl in March to join her two girl cousins born Nancy's in May and Maria's in November!  The childbearing years have been challenging for Ruth and Maria, yet they persevere against some odds! 

I have shared more here and won't go into it much here today.  Other than to say that as soon as we know of a new life in the family the prayers never stop, and the wait for their safe arrival is especially filled with much anxiety on my part and makes it seem longer and harder.
The next group of 3 boys within a year... they were all 2 for about 6 weeks and now Luke just turned 3.  It was super fun to watch Romeo and Dominic getting closer and having fun playing together more over Thanksgiving. 

A lot of my anxiety stems from my own challenges during my "nest years."
I find myself fretting when I know the girls have a check up or ultrasound, and am hugely relieved when they calmly share that all is well.  I have shared two miscarriages with Maria - with her both times - and that was so hard. "I prayed for my girls to not have to experience that pain, and why would I be with her both times?"  "Who better to be there for her mom?"  "Yes, but...."
Yes, 2 year old boys....

The Gospel is wonderful today in the sense of waiting also.  The two blind men living in the world of darkness for all those years  - possible always, and hearing about this miracle worker and Son of David - the Messiah, the Son of God come among men.  He is passing by them!  Imagine how their waiting in that darkness brought them to the place where they call out and reach out and stumble towards him in the house he had entered.  "Do you believe that I can do this?"  "Yes, Lord."  "Let it be done for you according to your faith."  Their eyes were opened, and for the first time in their lives they could see!  Imagine the feeling of JOY and wonderment to see the world for the first time after all that waiting with hopelessness until they heard of Jesus!
The two Davids and Gus... with almost a 3 year gap from Big Dave to Gus, yet they are very close and share so much time together sharing legos and playing.  How we all love to be together sharing family time!  Knowing that our military family is moving so far away is hard, but we trust that we will be blessed with good family time, and the quality will be super amped up by the wait in between.  That is one gift from waiting in prayer and love - that when it happens we are so grateful and happy to share that precious time! 
The two 8 year olds...

The two older girls share a special bond, and are both wonderful big sisters in their growing families.
The two new babies together for the first time.. I have a dream picture of grandpa holding the 3 girls come spring. 

One thing about waiting, for me, is the call to prayer..  My friend, Scott Hahn, shared this today

We are asked to pray the rosary daily for our welfare and help on our journey and the state of this world filled with sin and darkness.  It is so important to me!  I find that it fills much of my afternoon with constant prayer and has now expanded to 10 decades a day!

When I can get to Adoration each week - it is the best hour of my week!

Jesus, in this world of instant gratification and messaging and on and on... it is hard to wait, yet we are reminded at this time of Advent/waiting for your arrival as the answer to all our prayers and needs and our salvation, we are reminded that waiting is such a powerful and important time for us to come to you and get all those things that separate us from your LOVE out of the way!  Lighting the candle in the Advent wreath as we gather to pray each night is so powerful and special and good and right and healing for us.  Thank you, Lord, for bringing us to our knees.  This cross of waiting brings us closer to your LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  "And out of the gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see." Isaiah 29  May our words and actions bring others to see you through the darkness!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Therese in her happy place - with the babies!  How she loves life!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke


Yes, waiting, if allowed to, can expand our hearts, minds and souls to receive the healing touch of Christ!

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