Monday, January 2, 2017

9th day of Christmas - we start the year with Mary, the Mother of God! New traditions begin!

How I yearned to write and go on and on yesterday about the most glorious first of our new year, 2017, falling on a Sunday and bringing to us the Glory of The Feast of the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God!  A feast that since 2004 has a special meaning to us as it was the day the our family took Maria up to join the Poor Clare Monastery in Sauk Rapids!  Yes, before Hallel there was the discernment of Maria, and after 5 months she discerned out, and later found her path to marriage and family.

One of my all time favorites as it has Jesus in the middle in the tabernacle and each married daughter with their baby at the time, which is now 4... Hallel and John!  I have used this as the picture on the card I have to promote my blog as it says it all for me...
Mary and Simon served at mass and I found it very powerful for Mary to holding the prayer for Father as he beseeched her namesake - O God, through the fruitful virginity of Blessed Mary bestowed on the human race the grace of salvation, grant, we pray, that we may experience the intercession of her, through whom we were found worthy to receive the author of life, our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son...   Looking at the beauty of the Sanctuary with my two grandchildren up there, and the Beautiful Feast to Mary the Mother of God.... Pat kept saying that it was a most beautiful mass and that it was! 
 It was a beautiful mass indeed!  It flowed into a desire to celebrate the spectacular beginning to the new year with our farm family!
 The LIGHT pouring in upon us as we leave with hearts filled with JOY and filled with the Lord within as we have just received Jesus in the Eucharist!  A small slice of heaven!  I have had a wonderful eye opening experience thanks to John and a much younger me... I am in the midst of cleaning out old scrapbooks and out fell an old journal entry I had written on Nurses Notes paper on Sunday August 21, 1977... shortly after I started dating Pat!  John handed it to me and told me that I should read it...   These words echoed in my heart, mind and soul from a younger me...  "I wonder how I make it ever if I get into the position when I couldn't attend (daily mass).  It is how I make it through life and keep out of sins way..."  My young enthusiastic newly in love with The Church and a farmer, Patrick Verly, voice spoke to me and woke up in me the knowledge that I do need Jesus daily, and there is no reason for me to not get myself to daily mass now.  So I mentioned it to Pat and he gave me the green light to try to make this work out.  John and I will be leaving about the same time every morning and still can get morning prayer done with Pat and John first. 
I love the simple beauty of our remodeled church!  The Stations are very powerful for me, and that is deeply tied into Susan's/Hallel's early morning prayer in the dark church sitting under the 10th Station/Jesus is stripped of his garments or the humility station!
The bright sunlight yesterday after mass left me with this image in front of the church as Ruth and Paul are loading up their new large van! 

Along with my daily mass I deeply moved to start doing the chaplet in front of the tabernacle after mass each day.  After sharing that with my dying mother-in-law, singing and praying at her deathbed, and then to add her to the first decade that I pray for Pat's dad and now to add his mother with him... it just pulls deeply at me to continue to lift up my dead and all those that have no one to pray for them as they leave this world or await joining Christ, Mary and The Saints in Heaven!
They have lots of room now to welcome their new little girl in just a few months!  So exciting!

We also started a new tradition of having a meal after mass with Ruth and Paul and their growing family in their wonderful light filled farm house!
8 year old David is such a great helper in the kitchen - he loves to cook!
I love the sunlight, the farmyard, but mostly the kids excited to share the New Year's day with family after worshiping together... a small slice of heaven is what our domestic Church/family should be!  Yes, we are far from perfect, but we embrace each new life knowing that LIFE is a gift to be cherished and raised as a light to end the darkness of sin and death!
Juice filled grapes that squirted sweet juice into the mouth!
Blessing our wonderful New Years food shared with love in The LIGHT!
"Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts..."
Smiles and laughter and cheers to the new year!
Can't get enough obviously!
Out to the cemetery for the first time since she was laid to rest...
We realize that we need to find a better place for our two boys...

Jesus, we are so blessed to share our faith as a family... to start the year held close to the loving heart of our Mother of God!  We come to know and love you more each new day!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Ratera comes out to see Ruth's new farmhouse on New Years!  Nothing can replace the family!
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Scooping snow out of the bunks - love being farm kids!
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