Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back to the school 4 days after our retreat! "Grandma baptized me." Patrick

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I just received this most precious gift from a friend visiting Rome!  Thank you, Mary... I feel a hug from my Little Sister Hallel!

Mary with her Son in the Tabernacle at Holy Redeemer School!

Just days after our wonderful first ever TEC retreat in Marshall at our beloved Catholic School... I found myself attending the mass of my 2nd grade grandson, David!  I have always loved this statue so much and after sharing the amazing weekend with her smiling over us in this light filled chapel... she drew me to her as I basked in the deep feeling of great blessing that flows all around me after she brought me to her Son over and over and over again in prayer as we shared Die Day, Rise Day, and Go Day and even a 4th day in our home due to storms and illness....  Yes, we recall Christ's birth, dying and rising and returning to dwell in us through his Holy Spirit living within us!
Filled with children worshiping in this sacred and most beautiful space!

A great early morning arising to pray with Pat and John while Maria readied her 5 to start their day with exercise, and homeschooling.  The words from Fr Zach on the weekend that we are all priests, Prophets and Kings through our Baptism.  John asked Patrick at breakfast who baptized him and Patrick with a hugs smile pointed to me and said; "Grandma baptized me, because she loves me!"  "You are our miracle boy, Patrick!" said John.  Yes, I was called upon to be the priest in Patrick's first few hours of life and bring him into The Church/The Community of LOVE through "In the name of the Father, and of the Son , and of The Holy Spirit.  Amen."
Our oldest grandson, Simon, is a 6th grader at HRS!  He will soon be a teenager - 13 in September!
Mary spotting her little brother, Luke... Mary is a 5th grader!
A hug to start her day as she carried Jesus in her heart, mind and soul.  Fr Paul told the teachers that they could remind the kids that Jesus was kind, and how they can carry that kindness forth into their lives here at school or home.  "Say Please and Thankyou."  Give a hug to your 3 year old brother before you head to class.
David happy to see his family there to share his mass day!
Luke is a good hugger and sends David to class with a smile on his face!  David will be receiving his first Communion this year!  A huge step in his life and a wonderful blessing that will give him strength, direction and LIFE on his journey called LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
Love to have our home filled with family as Maria will be here while Joe is in training.  Grandma's bed is always special!

A very wonderful Gospel today from Mark 3... people come from all lands and yearn to touch Jesus to be healed by the One whom their hearts have been waiting for!  Yes, this is so true for me after sharing a Together Encounter Christ weekend... I recall how much the Lord has given to me with The Holy Spirit directing my life so powerfully!  How I love to share and listen to the stories of others!
A bed full of my loves sharing some quiet time with books after some wonderful times outside in this beautiful January thaw!
A stop to see Aunt RaTerra at Great-grandma's house... "Where is great-grandma?" asked Patrick.  "She died and is in heaven!"
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Mary shared that her time in Rome was so rich due to their time with The Community of the Lamb! 
"A trip highlight! Visiting with my friend l.s. Hallel (Susan Verly) and remembering our time as students in Rome over ten years ago now...! We all loved the Little Sisters of the Lamb, but it was no surprise to any of us but Susan when she joined LOL She sends her love, prayers and greetings to all of our friends and her family! "  Mary Gibson

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Such a gift to me this day!
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l.s. Nazareth with Hallel and Mary... 

"He had cured many and, as a result, those who had diseases were pressing upon him to touch him..."  Mark 3  How I love to touch my Jesus as my hand reaches out to receive his Body and Blood each day.  I know that my sweet Hallel receives her spouse/lover, Jesus Christ in The Eucharist each day, too!
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Where Hallel lives in Rome!

Jesus, I do not have any control of my crazy life these days and that is Truth for us to hold close to!  You are in control Jesus and may we die to self so that you may live in us!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Thanks for the hugs from Hallel with wonderful sentiments and pictures of her smiling face!  Amen and Hallelujah~
Maria's fake plans for each day... mass at 7:15a with her 5 kids, exercise at the "Y" with her 5 kids, breakfast and shower at RaTerra's, then to the library for homeschooling with her 3 oldest!  She amazes me, and we already tweeked it today.  It will be a work in progress as our lives are right?  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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If there were a picture of my soul this would be it!  Have you noticed how every movie that has a church scene uses a Catholic Church with the candles and the beauty lifting our souls to Heaven?  Is this not a picture of our glorious inner temple? 
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Small Things with great love - Danielle Rose
Father talked about this as a way to share the kindness we see in Christ...

The family altogether before dad had to go for training without his family, who are now living here on the farm in Marshall!

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