Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crazy LOVE!!!!! "He is out of his mind!" Mark 3 My life is filled with CRAZY LOVE!!

Maria is wanting to get a movie of Evangeline smiling and cooing at us, which she wasn't doing as well a week ago before her dad headed to Georgia.  She makes us all smile and laugh at how she looks us in the eyes and smiles and smiles and coos so sweetly in her excitement.  Her favorite subject is her grandpa Pat, who wants to have her in his arms when he is home. 

The Gospel today was disturbing to read at first from Mark 3 where Jesus arrives in a town and immediately the crowd is so big "making it impossible for them even to eat."  His relatives in the area try to "seize him" they said "He is out of his mind."  Crazy LOVE is what we are observing here this day, and how I long to be filled with it!  St Agnes is the perfect Saint for this day to show us the living out of Crazy LOVE!
I could not stop myself from taking too many pictures of this loving adoring interchange, but what else is new?  I continually try to capture every waking minute of my life, because I love it all so much and learn lessons at the feet of my family, who share Faith with great JOY, and model for the world being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!
4 year old Rose will soon have her own baby sister... It is so fun for me to see the resemblance of these girls to myself and my daughters!  Yes, we are all considered a bit crazy and out of our minds in the midst of this feminist mess of  a world we live in! 

Yesterday and today with all the women marching with signs blazing with women's freedom to do what they want with their bodies and free sex without worry of pregnancy due to artificial contraception and abortion, and "keep your rosaries away from my ovaries."  For my daughters and I to be looking to the Lord in our bedrooms with openness to life and using natural/abstaining from sex when we are fertile in order to space our children ( two of my daughters ruptured giving birth and now must space their children by a year or more for good healing), and with each new life in our domestic Church/family we are called to die more and more to self and our love only grows the larger and stronger and more "crazy" with each new LIFE!
My Most Cherished Cross, Patrick!  I love this letter that Hallel sent to her sister, Nancy, on the occasion of her engagement!
"Nancy, Look I am writing you a letter... aren't you impressed? Well, you better be because both you and I know how often this happens. I am writing to tell you now extremely excited I am about your engagement to Bill. I have to admit, when I got the news I wasn't really shocked but that night as it sunk in during adoration and the next day during mass I was so happy. My heart overflowed with joy for you. How beautiful to know that you have found your... most cherished cross. While I have never had the experience of being married, from what I hear is that he will truly be your cross. But not your cross as human eyes look at it, as a thing to run away from, as a thing of torture but rather as that which is truly the tree of life. It is only when clinging to the cross that one can truly live, it is the source of all life and of all love. Your marriage to Bill will be this, not something to run away from when it gets hard and when it hurts, but something to hold tight to, especially when it hurts because it is in this that you will find life and love. Know that it is through your marriage that Jesus wants to show you his great love for you and also that the best example that you can give to the world of Christ's love is a marriage lived in truth. So, in other words, know that I am so happy for you and that I love you a whole lot. Know that you are in my prayers during this crazy time of wedding planning; that you may not go crazy but rather learn to love each other better and that you may both have great joy and great peace. Remember to pray for me too! God Bless, Your little Sister Hallel "

How is that for Crazy LOVE????  Embracing our Most Cherished Cross we truly do find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT! 
All the little ones love their grandpa, and they can thank him for giving our Family the dose of crazy love we have for ALL LIFE!  When we are all together it can be almost overwhelming at times, and grandma likes to get away and find some quiet prayer time, and each of them appreciates knowing of my constant prayers for them. 
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I am thinking a lot about my Hallel this day and her example of Crazy love to me and her family.  Also she is very much with us as it is the feast day of her patron Saint Agnes!  She fell in love with her while in Rome studying and also with her wonderful Community of the Lamb!  The Lamb is huge for both and really could have been the tie that brought her to saying "yes" to the call to be a Little Sister Hallel!
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Today is the #feastday of St. Agnes of Rome, 3rd century virgin martyr. Agnes was born to a noble

Roman family. She was a beautiful young woman of twelve or thirteen years of age when many suitors desired her hand in marriage. Instead of marrying, St. Agnes committed herself to a life of consecrated virginity as a spouse of Christ. She was then denounced to the authorities as a Christian during th...e reign of Emperor Diocletian, and condemned to be dragged naked through the streets and into a brothel to be abused. She miraculously escaped from this predicament with her virginity preserved, and was then to be burned at the stake. Her persecutors, failing in this attempt also, finally beheaded her. Of all the virgin martyrs she is held in the first place, and she is one of the seven women besides the Virgin Mary commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. St. Agnes' name means 'chaste' and she is the #patronsaint of girls, chastity, engaged couples, virgins, rape victims, and the Girl Scouts. St. Agnes, pray for us! See More
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When I work with young people on retreats... I usually bring up the intercession of St Agnes to assist them as they are daily put in a house of prostitution in this world where porn and lack of respect for our sexuality is all around us and just a mouse click away!  She was put into a house of prostitution and came out untouched!  St Agnes, pray for us and intercede for us!
Yes, I do have a blue eyed granddaughter and grandson... we will see what our newest granddaughter has...

It is consoling to realize where our crazy love comes from - Jesus!  His Holy Spirit and the wisdom of The Church guides us down the narrow path which appears to be insane by the world with all the lies they believe and follow.  So many recognized his LOVE for them that they mobbed him wherever he went and merely by touching the hem of his garment they were healed!  May we go forth this day and smile sweetly at those that feel we are out of our minds by the way we love and follow all he asks of us as his disciples! 
Actually I have more grandsons and they are always rough and tumble and in action!!!  A new craziness for me after having 4 girls "and then you had that boy!" 

Jesus, your crazy love fills me to the brim with all I need each day to return that unconditional love to all those I encounter... most especially those in my domestic Church/family!  How I love, love, love your Church with no reservations and am so in love with sweet St Agnes and The Lamb slain for me!  St Agnes, pray for us.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The two 8 year olds Therese and David will enjoy these months together on the farm.  Yes, "T" will miss her dad while he is away in training, but she will be here for the arrival of her newest cousin, and she is such a crazy lover of all LIFE!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Then there is the constant reminder of Patrick's healing to fill us to the brim with crazy love and thanksgiving!
And did I mention John's healing from brain cancer 7 years ago?  CRAZY AMAZING LOVE!
All but Hallel!  I think you can imagine how it can be crazy wonderful when we are all together! Family Time is the Best!
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This is the work of our Crosses in our lives!
If I touch him - Danielle Rose
Third Day - Cry out to Jesus
Captain Joseph sings like third Day, so this is in honor of him.  We miss you Joe!
God of Wonders - Third Day
Brandon Heath - Give me your eyes

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