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Day 11 of Christmas... Baby in manger for an hour, school mass... "good out of Nazareth!"

Her flaming 37 candles were blown out by her family after they had "shared about Jesus" at Faith Formation and grandpa and grandma were in charge.  Sometimes it is a birthday on the fly with all that goes on in our lives, but it feels right that we have been watching Ruth's kids so that she and Paul can share their light with junior high and high school kids for the last 3 years or more.  Soon we will have the new baby to care for on Wednesday nights, although they have taken their newborns to share with their kids and share the message without using words that LIFE is a gift and being open to LIFE is what the Church asks of us.  How can we bring many children into this messed up world?  By raising them as lights to chase away the darkness of sin and death!
Thirty seven years with so much to show for her life and much good work done for her family and Church, and Community through her years of nursing and fertility care. 
Talk about LIGHT!!!

Such a special place in St Mary's chapel at the Catholic School - Holy Redeemer.  Today was Mary's Student Council mass so I was able to attend with Ruth and Luke!  Behind us sat 3 seminarians in their black shirts and collars.  Such a powerful sight!  I asked them what they thought of the mass... of course as a grandma of 3 - I think that it is amazing, but I was wondering what their perspective was..."The church is filled with the young people and their voices were beautiful when all lifted in song!  I thought it was very beautiful!"
Yes, it is heart rendering to see our chapel filled with students and to hear their voices raised in song and in worship is glorious on this bitterly cold winter's day!
 Mary leading a part of the Psalm...
 It hardly seems that there has been a break between our kids and Ruth's kids attending!  When I was talking to my friend Sean, who is one of the seminarians, along with John and Evan.   As I was introduced to them as John's mom - known for his year in seminary and beating cancer 7 years ago... One of them got excited and said; "And Little Sister Hallel's mom!  Oh, she is wonderful, and I met her while I was in Rome!"  Just at that moment Ruth walked by as she was putting the Christmas d├ęcor away with Luke helping, too!   I introduced her as my daughter, who is expecting her 6th!  At that moment my whole Catholic world just seemed to come together in my heart!  To know of my daughter that is a nun, my son who found faith through brain cancer, and my 3 daughters open to life and raising LIGHTS!  How I rejoiced in my heart to see our Faith lived out as a Family/Domestic Church!
So wonderful to see the kids as they leave the Church and get hugs and waves and smiles and for grandma to give them a "bless-bless!"
 Ruth noticed that baby Jesus had not been put in the manger, so she put him there for mass and then the nativity was put away til next year.  Jesus was there for about an hour, but we are still in Christmas time as we await Epiphany Sunday and the arrival of the 3 kings!
Mary wore 2 hats - the Psalm and...
bringing up the gifts - it is very special for Luke to watch his older siblings and he definitely has a comfort and closeness to the Catholic School already.   Father spoke quite a bit about St John Neumann today on his feast day.  "He evangelized the Faith and was a very instrumental in Catholic Education!  Hence, the Neumann Centers at Universities." 

The Gospel today where Andrew speaks the words - "Can anything good come from Nazareth?"  He answers his own question after meeting Christ and realizing that he is God!  Yes!  I just had a most amazing Holy Spirit moment!  I accidentally left my prayer book at mass yesterday morning, and so went back there today after mass at the school looking for it... it was nowhere to be found, so I went into the Adoration chapel and had the best hour of my week there lifting up our over 200 members of our families to Jesus and placing them each in the monstrance with Jesus.  I did this after doing my chaplet of Divine Mercy for the dead and dying... so powerful to me after sharing it with my mother-in-law at her deathbed a few weeks ago.  Afterwards, I thought I would just stop in at the church office to see if it had been turned in there... It wasn't there, but just at that moment a friend came in smiling at me and speaking about how the Holy Spirit works and held out my prayer book to me!  He had found it the day before, and was unable to find my number, but saw me walking into the office and quickly came in to give me my Magnificat!  It was pretty miraculous to me!  "I pictured you at home saying your rosary."  "No, I was in the adoration chapel praying."  "That is where I am headed next, but I saw you come in looking desperate, so I thought I had better get in here quick!"  I had a picture of Hallel inside, so he knew it was mine! 
I thought this was funny on the way back from the chickens yesterday... Hot jalepenos still on the plant in the frigid -10 degree cold! 

Dear Lord, how I love to see The Church being embraced by our family as we share our Faith starting in our domestic Church and then supported by our wonderful Catholic School, and the young people saying "yes" to your call to them to consider the priesthood, or religious life!  "You have your Hallel because of your call!"  Yes, how I rejoiced to realize that my own love and consideration of religious life led to my encouraging each one of my kids to know that it is a beautiful option!  Now the grandchildren are already witnessing it close at hand and speaking about the beauty they see there as a possibility for them!  We are so blessed to have The Church assisting us each day of our journey as we carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and follow you down the narrow path.  We have you in The Word, and Sacraments, the Saints - St John Neumann pray for us and thank you for the great help we have with Catholic Education for our young families!  Jesus, we trust in YOU!  Our Lady is our spiritual mother always there to bring us to her Son!  Amen and Hallelujah
Augustine starts Catholic School next year and will be attending one where they say the rosary every day!  May he fall in love with Mary and her prayer full of her Son's plan of Salvation for all of us!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Patrick with the group of 3 little boys.  Patrick and Romeo have Catholic Education in their homeschool program Maria uses in their home!  They move so often and will be here for 6 weeks between their move now out to the West Coast with the Army!
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So blessed by starting to get to mass each day!

Danielle Rose - Pursue me
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me

20 + C + M + B + 17

On January 6th following the Epiphany Mass in the Extraordinary Form was the traditional practice of blessing the church door. Blessed Chalk is used with the initials of the three Magi (Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar) surrounded by the year.

An additional meaning then for the C + M + B is 'Christus Mansionem Benedicat' (Christ, bless this house!)  A baby left in The Cathedral - baptized by Cathedral Rector as Nathan John... praying for a Catholic home!
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Yes!  Talk about smart - he spoke 6 languages!
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