Sunday, January 8, 2017

Epiphany Sunday with a call from Rome/Hallel we miss you!

During Hallel's home visit 4 years ago... we had to spend time with Pat's mom.

The homily today really struck a chord after our 22 months of helping mom stay in her home while on hospice with heart failure.  The two that suffered the most through this time was mom, due to her helplessness and needing help with her basic needs 24 hours a day, and her main caregiver, her daughter.  Father talked about how we all yearn to be independent and do things our own way, yet we are called to be dependent in our lives from time to time, and "the later years come to that dependences."  We are also called to be dependent on Our Lord as he directs our path and our lives!
Simon finds Hallel's rosary beads while he spends time with his special Aunt during her home visit almost 4 years ago... they have always been very close due to his being the first nephew with his birthday just 2 days before hers. 

A call from Hallel in Rome today got me thinking about how wonderful it will be when we can see her and get a "real hug!"  The thing about this long desert of seeing her... going on 2 years now and a year longer than that for Maria's family... is that it will be so powerful and wonderful when it happens!  Much like when life gives us the hard knocks and crosses... it makes the good times that much better!
We were just discussing how Susan has yet to meet 3 of her nieces and nephews with another one on the way.  It was fun to hear her joking and laughing with John on the phone... we appreciate those times of sharing our needs and desires for seeing her and getting her responses that keep us humble and reminded that she gave up her family times when she said "yes" to her call.   It is no wonder that we flock to see her when we get the chance!
Her last home visit in April of 2013!  Her arms full of the 3, who are now 4 years old!  The house will rock and roll with JOY and excitement and absolute craziness when we can be together with our Hallel again and we know not when.  It might be that this will happen when she takes her final vows in France!  There is talk that we ALL will go!
Paul helps with the crabby Rose..."Rose cry a lot." was a known phrase.  It would be fun to have Susan/Hallel meet her now!  Her dad finds himself calling Rose by Susan all the time.  It happens that she does look a lot like Sue and is #4 in Ruth's family, too.  It is a blessing and special to have these little ones that are like stepping back in time and having the little ones again! 
She came home to an April snowstorm!  We were just telling her about the COLD we are experiencing, and she shivered at the thought!  She told us about the 30 degrees that they are experiencing in Rome - "The fountains are freezing."

 Seeing the remodel of our church for the first time almost 4 years ago now...
 Every time I see the 10th station of the Cross/ Jesus is stripped of his garments... I think of the many mornings in the dark that Hallel and I would do a holy hour before mass as she asked the Lord about what he wanted for her..."Why do you sit by the 10th station/the humility station?"  "Because it is the the last pew with a kneeler, so that no one can see me cry."  Now look at her life!  He answered with The Community of the Lamb coming to the U.S./Kansas City right at that time...

The new beautiful gathering space where the treacherous steps used to be!

 Of course, after mass we had to go and see Pat's mom!  For the first time in our marriage we don't have her to visit any more... it is such a different place we find ourselves after 38 years of her in our lives!
Mom and Raterra with Hallel 4 years ago during her home visit.

Jesus, we know that the longer we don't see Hallel the sweeter it will be when we finally get to be together as a family in Truth!  How I love to be all together so I add Hallel from time to time when we manage to have family time.  Family time just has to take different forms like prayer and phone calls and time with The Community in KC... Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
How amazing is this for me to see?  Hallel holding Patrick over the waters of Baptism after I had the privilege of baptizing him in the middle of NICU in El Paso when he was just a few hours old - born dead and brought back to life!  The Community of LOVE/The Trinity surrounded us as he was baptized through water and The Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!

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Pope Francis baptizes a baby in the Sistine Chapel Jan. 10, 2016. Credit: L'Osservatore Romano.

Look what I found... a family picture from Wisconsin!  Soon Maria and kids will be here for 4 months on the farm! 

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