Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"for a little while" The time of suffering/the Cross

John's year in seminary with Nancy the day before she had her second child, Bernadette, with wonderful cousin, Fr Paul Timmerman!  We continue to pray that the Lord will reveal to John his path, and a mother's prayer that it might be still religious life. 

Some words from the first reading in Hebrews today really struck a cord with me..."for a little while."   we do see Jesus "crowned with glory and honor" because he suffered death, he who "for a little while" was made "lower than the angels" that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.  Hebrews 2  All these times when the Cross is heavy and hard and suffering is real and The storm is terrifying us and we call out... Jesus stands and tells the storm to "be still!"  Jesus is in control as he has conquered sin and death and suffering and evil... although it seems like long and hard and impossible - our cross is only lasting a "little while" and it brings us to turn to Jesus in our weak and sinful state.  "Jesus, I need you!" 
Love this picture of Nancy's family 4 years ago.. it reminds me of The Holy Family, and they look to The Holy Family to guide and provide a model for them being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS to chase away the darkness that is all around us.

How many times when we are in the midst of suffering/a storm in our lives does it feel like there is no way out and we are doomed?  Thinking back to John's cancer 7 years ago... at this time we were in Rochester in the midst of John's stem cell transplant and we had been battling his brain cancer since Father's day.  Now 7 years later and now cancer free and cured... the time we battled and the ups and downs seem to be only "a little while."  For John it continues to remind him every day that he prayed for faith half-heartedly and found it through brain cancer, as he continues to ask the Lord to show him the path to take.  His one burning desire is to share far and wide his undying love for Jesus, Mary and The Church!

 Nancy and Ruth visiting KC and time with Hallel when Bernadette was just 10 days old for Thanksgiving.  One thing I am reminding myself that it is truly a "little while"... is the wait until we get to see our Little Sister Hallel again.  We do miss her a lot, but we are blessed with The Community being in the heart of our country in KC!  We spend time with them often and know of their and Hallel'a constant prayers!
 Pat's mom meeting Patrick for the first time after he had the cross placed on his shoulders in the womb, and was healed 4 years ago.  In the midst of that cross we had to give the control to Jesus and rely on our prayer warriors, The Word, the Sacraments, I was able to baptize Patrick in the first few hours of his life, and my life-line, the rosary with my Mother of heaven and earth always holding me up!
 Patrick continues to show the world the power of prayer and the Jesus is here with us healing and curing and casting out evil to this day!  The Gospel today reminds us of the power of Jesus over all that confronts us and tries to pull us down.  He lifts us up out of the storms of life which only were ahold of us "for a little while."
 I love this picture of the girls meeting their baby sister, Susan, for the first time.  My childbearing years were the best and the worst.  Our eyes are on heaven with the 7 losses we have to meet someday, and our plans were not the Lord's for us.  Looking back and now experiencing those years with my 3 married daughters... it does seem like it was "for a little while."  I certainly gained insight into the message The Holy Spirit gave me through my husband when we seemed alone in being open to life and having a large family.  "The world needs lights!"
2 years after our "little while/month" we needed to get a healed miracle boy, Patrick, home and thriving... we were able to return to St Patrick's Cathedral and fall on our knees in thanksgiving for hearing our prayer and his perfect plan!

Lord, over and over again I need to be reminded of your love and care for me and that you are in control of my life.  All the crosses we have time to time truly are not lasting and we can realize looking back how we were blessed by them and grow ever more and more yours and healed and less self centered if only we will die to self so that you can live in us!  Give me patience to rely on you always and not count the cost.  For I receive back so much more LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT if only I will give it all over to you.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
It felt sad to put the tree away  and the advent wreath, yet it was nice to be inside on this stormy day and appreciate Family and Faith in its simple day to day assistance... Ordinary time is humble and filled with all we need and then some to go forward down the narrow path carrying/dragging our most Cherished Cross!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The stole is from the last mass we celebrated with Pat's mother's cousin, Fr Germain Louwagie... the rock upon which our faith is built!
Pat reminded me in the midst of adoration after mass that there was a blizzard outside, so I left into the storm with these words beneath my wings... What else would a mother wish than to read these heartfelt words from her children?  I pray that each one would write this about the path they have been called to!
Mary in the storms of life, too!  She is my constant companion and takes me to her Son, Jesus!
Love to see that my daughter and brother are collaborating to share The Faith! 
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Small things with great love - Danielle Rose
Danielle rose - True love - the Cross
I love this from Father Dajczer (2009)
"Reading of the Holy Scriptures is fundamental to your growth in faith and of your sharing in God's life.  It is looking at oneself and surrounding realities as though through the eyes of God."
Ryan Stevenson - the eye of the storm
Praise you in the storm - Casting Crowns

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