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"He approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up." Mark 1 Ordinary times in our lives...

I am deeply touched by something my mother-in-law showed me without using words... She has been gone from this world a month today, as she died on Guadete Sunday/ December 11th peacefully and surrounded by 3 of her daughters. 

One of her daughters shared with us that she found this picture in mom's wallet, "and it was the only picture she carried in her wallet."  What does that say to me?  It reminds me that mom cherished the giving of Susan's/Little Sister Hallel's life to Jesus as a spouse/nun in the Dominican order, The Community of the Lamb!  It reflects back on Hallel's family that we support and give her permission to make this radical choice, and to leave family behind other than in her daily prayers!  It is hard to not have her involved in our lives, yet there is so much we receive through her prayers and that of her Community of The Lamb, and we are keeping her up on our needs that come up on this journey of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
John and Hallel in August of 2009 when we suddenly were able to go to France for her taking of her habit and changing her name from Susan Angela Agnes to Little Sister Hallel.

I would think that Simon Peter's mother in the Gospel today - Mark 1:29-39 would be comparable to me in age... I am not running a fever or sick in that way, but I do have those issues mostly with my knee and foot which are keeping me slow and down in many ways.  I long to have my Lord come close to me and grasp my hand and lift me up so that I may love and serve and work and play and share The Word and go to mass and take in Jesus and carry him forth into my life!  He does daily lift me up through The mass, and The Word, and his Mother of God and the beads of her prayer/the rosary where he grasps my hand and lifts me up!

"This is the Host-life. …In the Host He is our Life on earth today. … The Host-life is not something new or different from the Christ-life that we know already.  It is the very core of it … the life which Christ Himself is living in the world now It is His choice of how to live His life among us today. … It alone can restore humanity to happiness … one thing only … supernatural life, beginning secretly in each individual heart; just as Incarnate Love began secretly on earth in the heart of Mary.  It is one thing only, the birth of the Infant Christ in us, Incarnate Love. …

Carry Christ everywhere in your hearts.  Make your souls monstrances, and go into places where Our Lord has never been adored in the Host, where the monstrance has never been lifted up.”

Caryll Houselander
The Passion of the Infant Christ
(Chapter Ten – The Host Life
I pray for this ability and attending daily mass has been revealed to me as important for my faith journey... how I long to be this in my world.  I see that for Hallel, who receives her spouse each day in the Eucharist and has that deep time of Adoration where she kneels before Jesus in their humble monstrance and listens to HIM and prays to HIM... she then goes forth as Christ for the world - the poor where she knocks on their door begging for her daily bread!
 Jesus on the altar in the monstrance... allowed to become the contemplative which my heart yearns for while spending time with The Community of the Lamb in KC!  Thank you, Lord, for putting down roots in the heart of our country, which is so confused and misled by the lies of Satan! 
These words greeted us with Truth in the first reading from Hebrews 2:14 this day!
"Since the children share in blood and Flesh,
Jesus likewise shared in them,
that through death he might destroy the one
who has the power of death, that is, the Devil,
and free those who through fear of death
had been subject to slavery all their life."
An icon I discovered and copied while in KC!

We are called to follow the Lamb - slain for our sins, and take up the Cross and follow after Jesus!

Each day Mary, the Mother of God, is with me and fills me with her Son, if only I die to self and give without counting the cost!

 Hallel says of her life - "It is prayer and dishes."  Yes, that is Ordinary time and even dishes can be a form of prayer shared .  This was when we were in France for Hallel's first vows in 2011 with Pat's mother and John.  There is no hot water, and it must be heated on the stove for washing dishes and for taking her "sister shower" out of a pail.  Truly a life of poverty and humility and simply giving up all for Christ and His Bride, The Church!
 This last month of not sharing The Eucharist with Pat's mother have been what we miss the most!  For years we have either picked her up and brought her with us, or we have brought her Jesus in her home and prayed and shared Jesus in The Word together.  How we loved sharing Jesus with her!  "Watching my mother love The Church and her Catholic Faith... I could never leave it behind!"  Pat often over the 38 years of marriage.

A special picture we were gifted expressing the Truth that we were lowered before Jesus by our prayer warriors including our Community of the Lamb at the same time Hallel was a postulant.  John and family see the power of prayer lived out as well as Christ ministering to us in The Word and Sacraments, The Saints and Our Spiritual Mother, Mary the Mother of God.  John and I share such a deep love for "the best mother there is!"  No, that does not hurt my feelings John... I feel the same way!
 St Barbara is big in El Paso... there were even St Barbara votive candles in the grocery store!  I love the Saints and they were huge in our family and sharing our Faith with JOY!

Lord, I am down from time to time just as Simon Peter's mother is today in the Gospel.  I love that you grasp my hand through prayer, The Word, the Sacraments, The Saints and your Mother of God and lift me up.  May I take you with me everywhere - most especially where you are not known or seen, and may I share far and wide The Truth of your unconditional LOVE and when necessary use words!  I am yours and I depend on your help, O Lord, as I am weak and sick and helplessly lost without you.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Hallel spending time with her Goddaughter, Therese, about 6 years ago.  Therese is so blessed to have her example to look up to and consider this life for herself!  I was reminded by a Sister; "You have your Hallel because of your listening to a call in your life."  Yes!  I so yearned for my children to observe and consider this possibility for them as they asked the Lord to show them the path He has laid out before them.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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Therese also has this amazing patron Saint to listen to and follow after!  A powerful read as LIFE is protected through dreams!
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The Word/Jesus is with me each day of my journey!  I have learned through Hallel and her Community of the Lamb that we start making it digesting it/mendicating The Gospel the night before! 
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“The Holy Eucharist is the greatest treasure that the Church has on earth: it is Christ Himself.” — Cardinal Arinze

Danielle Rose - Pursue me
If I touch him... Danielle Rose

 This woman recognizes her God on the altar!
 This is our God!  Come and adore and be lifted up!
The LIGHT!  My amazing week as a contemplative in Kansas City - I arrived on Hallel's 31st birthday/September 18th, 2016!  Such a place filled with The Holy Spirit and so close to my daughter, a bride of Christ!
I discerned marriage to my Most Cherished Cross was for me, yet he blesses me with the gift of being a contemplative from time to time.  Joy fills me and peace floods me for I am beloved and loved to the highest heavens!

Yeah!  I found more pictures and this time with smiles!

Good old Wisconsin snow!

The complete picture of Family!  Love this!


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