Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Jesus is honey in our mouth, lIght in our eyes, a flame in our heart." 10th day of Christmas - JESUS!

There were many pictures of Pat's family around the time with my husband was a baby and young boy.  This one is a special one with them in front of the tabernacle on Easter it appears.  When discussing why there are so many at this time and then it drops off to none of the youngest, Ida... we know that there was a big event that might have gotten Pat's parents wanting to have more pictures.  It was the accidental running over of the oldest daughter's leg with the rock wagon resulting in her spending a large amount of time away from the family at St Mary's Hospital.  Mom was pregnant with Pat and would board the bus to go see her, and then return just as pregnant back home.  " I think the bus driver was confused by this very pregnant lady."  We think that when Grace came home to her new brother - #6 of the 10, that they really wanted to record with pictures that they had gotten through this tough patch in their lives and come out the other side.  Mom was pregnant here with Donny, who would have been the 3rd "little boy" in about 3 years time!  I am grateful to see the many pictures of my Patrick...

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