Friday, January 20, 2017

"Know the Lord" Hebrews 8

 Patrick the picture of health just days before he came home after two weeks in NICU four years ago after a traumatic birth of being born dead and brought back to life!  How we prayed and looked to The Church to help us cling to healing for our little lamb, Patrick, and those prayers were answered!

Having loving Patrick here with me, and holding my hand as we go to daily mass each morning... I am filled with wonder and awe and thanksgiving as I recall how the Lord has healed my Patrick after I baptized him in the middle of NICU in the middle of a night filled with terror and the most agonizing prayer I have ever experienced!  How I called out to the Lord in my agony and fear!  The cries to God to please hear me and answer me seemed like an eternity!  Knowing that he had been brought into The Church and all control given to His Savior did bring a bit of peace to us.
 Me with my oldest, Ruth Ida, in the first couple years of our marriage - city girl come to the farm!

There are many adjustments to face as we go through our life!  We are helped in the way that we "know the Lord."  How we die to self so that we can allow him to do his work in our lives... realizing that we are not in control.  Pat was a little bit hurt that I shared that I pray for him each day on The Crucifixion decade of the rosary.  But the way I look at it is that I must die to self so that I can love and serve him without trying to change him... which is impossible!  The crucifixion is where I embrace my Most Cherished Cross as Jesus did for each of us and find there LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT, which are ours thanks to the sacrifice of the spotless Lamb!
Sitting after mass saying the chaplet since the death of my dearly departed mother-in-law about a month ago... gazing up and seeing the Lamb under the tabernacle aglow with The True Presence of the Spotless Lamb, Jesus Christ, who just fed me with His Body and Blood. 
My most Cherished Cross with our newest granddaughter, Evangeline... how he loves the little ones!  She looks over at her grandpa and smiles as he holds her with his large strong hands.  Such a blessing to have them here making our home one filled with Family!  Patrick certainly was led by the Holy Spirit to lead our family into the Truth/Know the Lord - "Be open to LIFE, and raise them as LIGHTS!" 

 I came across this today in my old pictures... my sister, Mary, with her daughter Audrey 30 years ago.  Mary died of cancer at age 28 and Audrey was 20 months.  Our lives are a mystery, but all we can do is know and love our Lord and know that His Plan is what we are following as we carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and follow him down the narrow path until we arrive at Heaven forever with Jesus, Mary and all the Saints and Angels!
 After spending the weekend with my husband and son, and loving how John is at home on the stage... I love this one of him singing "O Happy Day!"  Life is good if only we know and love The Lord with all that we have!  I love to praise him with my ALL, and after the gift from Rome of pictures of my Hallel - her name means total praise of God, and Psalms 145-150 are Hallel Psalms, and the ones around 100 are grand Hallel Psalms.  They help us give Him the Glory!
 Sharing this time with my Therese is a reminder of what a wonderful girl she is... she carried her baby sister into mass and held her the entire time, and Evangeline was good as gold.  Therese prays with her patron and knows that roses are special for them.
 Therese in charge of her baby sister, and you could tell that Em was totally comfortable and trusting of her big sister at mass.
Maria instructing the boys on how to genuflect to Jesus after mass. 

Two years ago with Romeo she was a great care giver and helper for mom!

 We are so blessed to "know the Lord" better through our Family of the Lamb in our lives.  They have taught me so much about looking with love and devotion and Truth to Jesus in The Word.  Looking at my Little Sister Hallel's face when they process The Gospel forward at Mass to Hallelujah... she is recognizing her lover/spouse in The Word!  Nancy now lives just half an hour from them in the burbs of KC!
Taken a year ago while Maria lived in Missouri on an army base and Nancy moved to KC just a couple hours away!  Now we have Maria here for about 5 months while her husband has training as a lawyer in the army.  We take family time as we are gifted with it!  I am so blessed to have Maria here to help me get my new home organized and to help me get to mass each morning!  Yes, that it right... I am not prevented from going to daily mass by my daughter living here with 5 kids 8 and under, but I am helped as she gets them up and to mass!  She knows the Lord deeply and powerfully and there is no obstacle too big!
The sight in my bedroom after school yesterday... how many does it take to work an exercise bike?  One on the seat and 4 on each pedal and handle and an audience in the wings!  Talk about sharing family time with the young ones!

Lord, I am so thankful for this tidal wave of Family that has come over and around us... reminding me that I truly do know the Lord through all the moments of sharing and watching your Truth carried out in so many mysterious and real ways.  You call us up the mountain to become your apostles and go forth sharing your Way, your Truth and your LIFE!  May we climb without giving up and wind down the narrow path with YOU.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
She will know and love her grandpa, and has him to thank for leading our family to follow The Truth laid out to us by The Church!  That we are to be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS.  That we are to love and respect the Sacrament of Marriage between one man and one woman til death do us part.  We are to respect, cherish and protect ALL LIFE from conception to natural death!  We are to use only natural means to prevent life if needed.  We are to save sex for marriage between one man and one woman.  As Father preached this morning - "We are not to be shopping cart Catholics, but rather follow all that is held out to us in The Church.  The Church is there to help us get to heaven forever with Jesus!  That is all I want to accomplish in this journey of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Maria took Patrick to see The Poor Clares after his healing.  We called them and they were praying with so many others.  The thing about them is that they are cloistered and spend their days in prayers for the needs of the world.  Yet, they needfully protect themselves from the influences of the world that would distract their prayer and devotion to Jesus.  What would the world be like without all those prayers?
The crucifix hanging over the altar reminds us of his LOVE!
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New President today...  May our country come back to Know the Lord and may His Truth reign over our land!
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My hero... St John Paul II pray for us!
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Another piece of me... farm wife after almost 40 years I am still learning!
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John and I will join in... she ministered to us in our deepest need!  "Mom, I love a mom better than you."  "I do too John!"
Casting Crowns - Broken Together
Laura Daigle - Trust in you
Laura Daigle - Dry bones come alive
Danielle Rose - The saint that is just me
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