Sunday, January 22, 2017

"so that the Cross of Christ might not be emptied of its meaning..." I Corinthians 1

It warms my heart to see my wonderful husband loving to spend time with his newest granddaughter, and how it brings me back a generation to our nest years.  I have shared often my message of being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS, and in doing that the cross comes with it.  Pat and I thought we would have a large family, but we discovered that our plans were not the Lord's plans for us with 7 of our little ones called to heaven and keeping our eyes focused on meeting them there and their prayers for us... helping us down the narrow path.  This Cross has now been picked up by our girls in their marriages with many struggles and pain and heartbreak and so much prayers... Yet, if it weren't for that deepening and pain, the good wouldn't be near as wonderful!  With all the loss of 7 children in heaven and 3 grandchildren... we now value our family that much more.  The meaning of The Cross called being open to life and raising lights is LIFE is precious and a gift and to be cherished.
Therese getting her baby sister dressed for mass this morning.  She is such a wonderful helper for her mom and siblings!
So content in the hands of her older sister... little Evangeline basks in the loving care of her older sister.  Both times Maria has a miscarriage I was with her, and she shared her loss with her kids.  "Mom when we get to heaven we will have to have a big van for all those kids!'' Said Therese after the second loss... she understands that her family is bigger with those siblings she will be united with in heaven. 
Talk about Family!  We sat in a row with Maria and her 5, and behind us were Ruth and Paul with their 5 going on 6 and their adoration of sweet little baby, Evangeline!  Such a message of the beauty of LIFE and sharing our Faith with JOY!  "I belong to Christ."  this says to all!  We love our Lord and His Bride, The Church, which upholds the Truth and helps us down the narrow path as we embrace/carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and Find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
Such a young community of families in the front of church!  Many families with little ones sitting close to the altar so that they may learn to love and follow The Mass, where Jesus comes to us in Word and His Body and Blood!  They were all so good and reverent!  It was special to see Maria and her classmate, Glen, share... they have shared their births in the hospital together, and 13 years of school including 9 years of Catholic School, and now both with families... My mother's heart was warmed!
Sharing pizza and movie night in Minnesota on the farm with grandpa and grandma!

Dear Lord, we bask in this family time supreme as we have a house full and face all that comes our way.  Each day is filled with all that comes with it.... the cross full of so much meaning and Truth along with all that helps us find you in all of it!  We "come after you so that we might be fishers of men."  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Pancake breakfast in the Church basement with 10 kids and 2 moms, a dad, grandpa and grandma, and Uncle Johnnie.  The KCs were glad to see us coming! 
Grandpa in baby heaven! 
She sure is getting to know her grandpa!  Lots of smiles and coos!
Grandpa loves to circulate with his pretty little girl in his big strong arms!

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So good to read and understand our stand for LIFE!

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