Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Sretch out your hand." Jesus to us today!

Maria and her family joined me at mass this morning in the darkened church.  2 1/2 month old Evangeline was so good as were her older siblings.  Pat was right... Maria will help me getting to daily mass rather than hindering me, and that is quite a wonderful and amazing thing.  Watching many at daily mass stretch out there hands to receive Jesus' Body and Blood including my 8 1/2 year old granddaughter, Therese... the words of the Gospel filled me with Truth... If we follow his command to reach out our hands, hearts, souls and minds withered from sin and disease and distractions from our Faith in Jesus and His Bride, The Church, we will be healed and made whole!
The boys after mass in the gathering space...
Sweet Therese has just received Jesus!  It was wonderful to have them all together with me at mass this morning... we had a unsettling start with Romeo missing when Maria went to get him up... we eventually found him up in the bed upstairs where she had slept the night before.  "That is why I pray to guardian angels every day!" 
Maria wants to start each day with welcoming Jesus into her heart, mind and soul and "stretch out her hand" at his command and find healing and strength!  With each new child she has not been hampered, but adds them to the carload she brings to share daily mass with.  They are well trained in being attentive and open to The Word and The Body and Blood given us there. 
The cousins come together!  We had a wonderful meal and playtime after homework last night...
The construction on new bathrooms is slowly going forward!
The two sweet 8 year olds happy to see each other again... Therese and Big Dave!
 Wonderful spaghetti supper at Ruth's with 10 kids and 3 of my kids and husband!
 Grandpa enjoying his newest granddaughter... "She is so pretty." 
"I didn't realize how much Therese and Rose look alike and probably Evangeline, too."  Maria this morning.  It is so fun to see the family resemblance and how much they look like my girls!
Capturing the sweet moments of mother and child which surround me!  Our Lady during Advent and Christmas Season have filled me with the LOVE/LIGHT/LIFE entering the world!  Looking to the example of the Holy Family gives me hope and strength to carry forth in our domestic Church/family and share our Faith with JOY, and raise LIGHTS for the world!
The girls are catching up to the boys!  Soon Mary and Rose will welcome their new baby sister in a couple months! Then we will have 7 granddaughters to almost catch up to the 8 grandsons!

Hugs before bed...
Snuggle time before bed. With Mari and family here for 5 months we will get to know them well.
 John admires the thrift shop find and the Twins! 
 Rose looks ready to be a big sister to a little new sister!  Lots of excitement in for each new life! 

Jesus, how I long love to see my family "stretch out their hands" for you and at your command to receive You each week and each day if possible to be healed and strengthened as we carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and follow after you down the narrow path.  If we embrace that Cross we will find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT and a small slice of heaven as we die to self so that you may come to us through your Holy Spirit dwelling in us!  "He stretched out and his hand was restored."  Mark 3
Yes, we reach out from our weak and damaged place with our withered hand and we are restored if only we listen and respond to you.  May we listen through prayer and looking for your signs in each new day.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
How I loved to see my Family all together and sharing them in the meditation at TEC this last weekend.  It is there that I find my domestic Church and a small slice of heaven.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
This man loves all life and allowed us to have all the children we could without hesitation - always trusting in His Plan - 7 in heaven and 5 here with us leading us deeper in our Faith!
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Yes, Lord, I will stretch out my withered hand!
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Can't beat St Teresa of Calcutta!
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Danielle Rose - If I touch him
 if we touch the hem of his garment with Faith we are healed - The Eucharist is there to have and to hold in our hearts!
Small things with great love - Danielle Rose
The Afters - Broken Hallelujah

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