Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Super Catholic" Yes!!!! Fresh out of the confesional in Rome/St Paul outside the walls

Susan/Hallel meeting Patrick for the first time 3 years ago in KC!

Dear friends, who said goodbye to their mother, grandmother, spouse this day.  Just back from a most beautiful send off for a great lady, Donna.  All through the service with my son, John standing beside me... I was so uplifted by the beauty of all that manifests Christ to us in The Mass!  Jesus in The Word, in the Eucharist, and in each one around us - all there with us! 

Today the Gospel was the precious and sweet and special Wedding at Cana!  For us to have Mary so prominent in calling Jesus to begin his ministry and to reveal himself at this time of celebration! 
The three manifestations that were woven into the liturgy of the Epiphany were the adoration of the Magi, the baptism of the Lord, the wedding feast of Cana.  At Cana, as the Christmas Season closes, Mary once more shows forth her Son, this time as the One who will wash us clean in the chalice of the new covenant when his hour will come.  Cana closes the Christmas season with a hint of the Easter Triduum that lies ahead.
I just can't get over how two groups of friends ran into Hallel in amazing circumstances...  This group looked up and found her in Krakow, Poland at World Youth Day shortly after they had commented that it would be special to run into Susan/Hallel!  They looked up and there she was!  I was telling John that she is following The Holy Spirit around in her life..."Maybe The Holy Spirit is following her!"  I just had to laugh as I thought of her LOVE for her loving Savior, her Spouse and how they pursue each other! 
"We saw her rushing by and wondered if that could be Susan...I think it is... so we followed her and she went into a confessional, so we waited outside.  She came out and we realized it was Susan!  So wonderful to see her and miraculous, too!"  Look at that huge smile on her face... she had just laid all her burdens at the feet of her LOVE!  She tells us of her love for the LIFE she has been called to!
 How special to have a religious community as part of our family!  Simon recognized this Truth -"We are all family!" he announced at this breakfast we shared when they made their first trip up to meet Susan, the first American to join The Community of the Lamb.  How we rejoiced when they came to put down roots in the heart of our country - Kansas City, Kansas!
First visit to the farm!

The altar Susan left behind in her room speaking of her call and her heartfelt "YES!"  How I wept to see this sign of her LOVE!  I heard is shared lately that I am called a "Super Catholic"... how I smiled at this Truth!  Yes!!!!!  I love, love, love The Church and every part of it!  I was telling John that I felt like a "super Catholic" the other day when I was introduced to 3 young seminarians as "the mother of John."  Then one got excited and said; "You are Little Sister Hallel's mom!  She is wonderful... I met her while I was studying in Rome!"  At that moment Ruth walked by with her youngest, Luke, helping her..."This is my daughter, Ruth, she is expecting her 6th in a few months and all will go to school here!"  I felt so filled with JOY and the term "super Catholic" is a good description - how loving and following all that The Church holds out to us has resulted in so much LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT! 
I was blessed with a week of contemplative prayer at the Little Monastery/Lumen Christi in September!  So many graces as a result of my daughter saying "yes" to her call... I can have some time as a contemplative here and there!  Thank you, Lord!  This super Catholic is filled to overflowing by all your blessings!

Jesus, I am so grateful for all I am given each day of this journey!  May I always fall on my knees and give you all the praise!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Putting on the blue apron... special time at Lumen Christi!

Baby Josephine will always know that this is part of her family!

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