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The 10th day of Christmas - Ruth's birthday/St Elizabeth Ann Seton

It doesn't get much cuter than this - Ruth Ida Rose with a forever remembered baby kitty...
One of the classic Ruth pictures - it was used for her graduation picture from the past.  Ruth's love of animals and the farm led to our having cats in and out of the house over the years and to this day.  She has personally nursed many motherless kittens including a set of 4 this last spring-summer!  Today is her birthday and I recall her many hats that she wears much like the Saint for today - St Elizabeth Ann Seton!  St Elizabeth was also a mother of 5, although Ruth will soon be the mother of 6... when her husband died she then answered the call to start the parochial schools in our country!  How we love our Catholic School here in town where our 4th generation of Verlys is now attending!

Being baptized by my dad, Deacon Robert Cross, and...

Married by my dad on November 22, 2003...  Ruth also wears many hats and does them each well and with a lot of her heart in them!  She is a mother of soon to be 6, a wife, a nurse specializing in wound care, a farmer, and a Creighton model instructor, who works with women who wish to embrace their childbearing years according to the teaching of our Church!  She could also be proficient at construction and woodworking and home remodel.  She is now my helper and guide in the work we are doing in our home after she gutted and made our farmhouse hers - with a vision to see the yard and have a canning kitchen with an open family living area!  She amazes me with her even temper and positivity!  She is an amazing first child for us!
I looked up at the picture on the screen this morning and saw this sweet peek above Jesus in the Word and under Jesus in The Tabernacle... the Lamb looking at me so sweetly and reminding me that I need to embrace my dying to self and not expecting to change people in my life - rather to love and serve them without counting the cost!  "Wounded I will not cease to LOVE."  The motto of The Community of the Lamb/Hallel's order, and words so hard to live by but what we are called to live by!

Due to a journal entry from August of 1977 that dropped out of a scrapbook and was handed to me by John... I have departed on a new journey of getting to daily mass!  My words were about like this, which I came across today from St Thomas More...
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His words are much more eloquent, but I shared that attending daily mass kept me in a better place with my sinfulness and resisting temptations.  It struck me that with the support of husband and son that I could make it work!  This was only my second day, but I can see that I can still pray with my husband and son, and send them off with The Word and sharing prayer which is so important in our family/prayerlife/life/love/light!
This timing is special as I am praying forward to our TEC retreat coming up in a week and a half... I had also decided to pray a chaplet each morning after mass in the dark church as I shared it with my dying mother in law, and had quite profound experience sharing that with her in song.  Since I have realized that when I pray that chaplet I pray it for my dead, of which she is now very new and important member!  The first decade I pray for her husband, Pat's dad Gerry, so there she is now prayed for with him!  It makes me feel closer to her in these early stages of missing her.. a woman who was so much a part of my married life of the last 38 years!  With word this morning of a dear friend's mother dying overnight... Dear Donna was also lifted up... After mass the lights were turned off and I gasped to see the votives all aglow and filling me with awe! 
The sun rose during my prayer and Jesus was cast in the light!  The stars in the heaven behind him glowed and twinkled in the sky... my heart was lifted in prayer for our dead, and I prayed that receiving Christ in my heart, mind and soul could work in me and bring me closer to Jesus!  My prayer this mass..."That all those attending Together Encountering Christ could come closer to You, Jesus!"
From the darkness into the LIGHT!

I love the Gospel today!  St John the Baptist revealing to us that "Behold, the Lamb of God."  I love the way that they follow him and spend time with him and recognize that he truly is The Christ!  How we long to spend that time with him in the midst of our lives and turn away from sin and the devil and "act in righteousness" and do the work of Christ in our world, job, family/domestic Church!
Ruth's wonderful farm family - how we love to have them close by!

Jesus, we thank and praise you for all the ways you guide and direct our lives if only we ask you to reveal your plan for us!  Yes, there are many twists and turns and different jobs and vocations and seasons on this journey filled with as that you ask of us as we follow after you carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross and finding LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  May we always love and serve without counting the cost.  St Elizabeth Ann Seton pray for us and watch over the gift we have in our Catholic Schools!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

The 5 on Ruth's wedding day!
A visit with Susan/Hallel when Ruth had a wound care conference in KC years back.
On the farm in the winter in 1983... it looks cold like today... BrrrrrrrRr!
 Getting their marriage blessed a few days after their wedding at St Peters in Rome - "Bless us with a happy and healthy family."  YES!
Raining in Rome after an ice storm here for their wedding...
 Engagement picture thanks to mom...
 Simon's graduation from HRS... now all 3 go there with 3 more to go!
 Graduation picture thanks to mom...
 Ruth with Carmel her forever show cow from years past.
 With Winnie her first beef project with daisies in their hair
Saying goodbye to Hallel - Summer of 2010, now Hallel is in Rome and we haven't seen her since Easter 2015. 
I need to stop this... Happy Birthday, Ruth Ida!  We love you so much and are so blessed to have you here close by and carrying on the farm!
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May I do better going forth no matter the pain involved!
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"Behold, the Lamb of God."
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The eye of the Storm...
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