Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unclean to clean... Jesus is the answer!

 So much hard stuff going on with many friends and family with the change of the administration.. so disheartening to hear the hateful comments when from my perspective it appears that some of the morals and values that were attacked are being reinstated slowly!   How I long for this peace to fill us and bring some sanity to what appears to be a crazy messed up world at this moment in time.  Those that value the Truths of Faith in Christ Jesus and His Bride, the Church, have had to be on our knees constantly in the face of the culture of death taking over our world, and now with some hope in changes for the better we have to face family and friends, who cannot see the good in the changes.  Jesus, how deeply do we need your peace to be left with us through your Word, The Sacraments, the Saints including St John Bosco today, Our Mother, Mary the Mother of God, and my rosary prayer to her throughout each day!
Little sweet Evangeline will be 3 months tomorrow!  Maria calls her a little Barb, as she does look so much like my baby pictures and like her mom and sister, Therese.  It is very special to have our time with her, and her cooing and smiles when we spend time with her cannot be beat!

The readings this day are so wonderful that it is hard to pick what to focus on... but my day is escaping with our other bathroom being dismantled and put back together.  I am thinking that it will be a month again, but the end is in sight!

I must speak about the woman with the 12 year hemorrhage which made her unclean, and for her to touch Jesus would make him unclean... yet, that touch did the opposite... she was healed!  The answer to this world drifting into more and more darkness of sin and death is Jesus!  We are unclean and come to him and he heals us and makes our bleeding stop.  How do we bleed?  When we spread hatred and leave our morals and values behind.  Maybe we aren't even aware that we are adopting the thinking of the world!  Satan is very tricky in making us think that we are being kind and loving, yet we are lowering God's standards of goodness and purity and opening the way for sin to become the norm and what is thought to be the right way.  How did abortion, homosexuality lived out, divorce at the drop of a hat become what we fight to uphold as right?  And how did it be that we who uphold the Truth become those that are wrong and misinformed and bad people?
 Our Lady watches over Romeo as he picks up branches for grandma... he is wearing a hat I wore when I was pregnant with his mom about 35 years ago. 

What is the answer to our mess?  Jesus, and lots of time throughout our crazy days in prayer for our loved ones and the lies of Satan that are so misleading to many.  It seems that we are being loving to accept all and anything goes.  But instead we are allowing them to go down the wide path away from heaven forever with Jesus! 
The crew at work...
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Nancy shared this from KC yesterday... 60 degrees and beautiful mud kept them outside playing happily together for the entire afternoon!  Nancy was in heaven and didn't mind the immediate baths as they came in for supper!  Nancy always did love her mud!  Talk about unclean to clean... this is a photo story for sure of that concept!
A selfie with our happy little one before bed last night.  So fun to hear that she is a little Barb.

Lord, this is disjointed and a little here and there make up what it is today.  We reach out to touch you, Lord, in The Eucharist and in The Word each day... we are unclean and bleeding.  We turn to you for healing and touch the hem of your garment with Faith and Trust in so that we might die to self and become your hands and feet.  We love you and thank you.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Tummy time.. she is one strong little girl
Patrick with his new haircut and likes to come and say goodmorning to us. 
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"Hail Marys" get me through each day!
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Me and Jesus!
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Danielle Rose - if I touch him

He worked with homeless boys and obviously brought them to their most amazing mother of all!  As John tells me... "There is a mother above you."  "Yes, I agree and not offended!"  I feel that same way!
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Such a beautiful reminder for us today. 

Joe's JAG award ceremony before they parted ways.  Maria is now living with us approx. for 5 months while Joe does his training!

Such a beautiful tribute to Pat's mom by Maria - worth another share!
My Grandma Anna. Farm wife. Mother of 10. Grandmother to... too many for me to count right now. Wonderful hugger. She had a powerful and meaningful grip when she held your hand. She was unwilling to take an indirect answer. She wanted to know what you REALLY were thinking and feeling. She cared. Always had a cookie or candy for the little ones. You could easily find a Rosary laying around her home. She was magnetic. She could always be found out and around the community... having coffee with the ladies, playing cards at the Center, volunteering at the hospital, closing down the Church's pancake breakfast... until she broke her hip in a fall. Then life got quieter and slower, which wasn't easy on her. However, she embraced it and clung to the time she had with family in her home. A little over a year ago she started to weaken and was placed on Hospice. She wanted more than anything to not be a burden to others, and to simply go see Jesus. God had other plans, though. She had to give up this one last desire... and be served by the children and loved ones whom she had loved on for so many years. In the end, she was completely dependent on those who had depended on her for everything. At the age of 97, she was given the gift of a peaceful, quiet death surrounded by family and prayer, without even the ability to grasp at life. Everything else had been taken away. We love you, Grandma, and we are so glad that you are finally with Him whom you have desired for so long. We miss you.

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