Saturday, February 25, 2017

A tub full of love... "Let the children come to me..." Mark 10

These two girls along with their 3 brothers in between them and their mom are sharing our day to day life with us here on the farm for a number of months.  The 3 olders are currently over with Ruth's 5 and dressed warm to be out spending some time with the new baby calves.  #3 was born this morning.  Cow TV is going and for months it will be our eyes on the cows and calves.  It has become a great helper for us.
Yes, that is nine kids in our new tub!  Our remodel is close to being done!  Just one more day of electricians and other than a few touches it should be done for our lifetime! 

The Gospel today... Jesus tells us to bring the Little Children onto him!
How we try to share Jesus with the kids!  Mass each week, Catholic school for two of our families, and Catholic homeschool for the other, an Aunt who is a nun and her Community which prays for the kids and shows them a beautiful life to consider and certainly that they look to Jesus to show them the path he has for each one of them, and that is the only path they long to take to find true happiness and everlasting life!  Lent will be here in a few days, and there is some planning and excitement at how we will make this a time of special sharing and growth as a family/domestic Church!
A tub full of lively love!  There is talk of swimsuits and crazy tub time at grandma's place. 
Our Lady has found a spot in my heart and by my Jacuzzi!
My heart is truly...gripped with the thought that everything is easier, more delightful, and progresses more rapidly in the interior life when we act in union with Mary.
A heart full to overflowing of filial confidence, come what may, in her whose gentle tact, and wise anticipation of our needs, and whose tenderness and mercy and generosity we experience;
A heart ever more and more on fire with love for her who is associated with all our joys, united with us in all our trials, and through whom all our affections pass.
Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard (1935)

I love Saturdays devoted to The Blessed Virgin Mary!  How I love her, and each day is filled with her graces and kind help on this journey of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
Maria with her arms full of her two sick babies.  Did I mention that we are struggling with many bugs in our tub of love?  How we long to come out the other side, Our Lady!

Jesus, we look to you and long to bring our little ones daily to you... in prayer, through Your Mother, Mary Most Holy, through your Word and Sacraments that we share, through all that we do and say and how we act and carry you ever in our hearts, minds and souls.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
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Open to life and raising LIGHTS!
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Danielle Rose - Pursue me

The Saint that is just me
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