Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Be fertile and multiply..." "You are the Christ." St Peter reminds us that we too are called to recognize HIM!

Loving moments fill my day along with the ups and downs of living in close quarters with Maria and her 5 little ones.   As usual I try to capture the cuteness probably too much, but I know these 5 months will quickly pass, as we are already into our second month soon.  Then the missing them will begin, as they will be 3 days trip away living in Washington State on the West Coast.  It is almost like I need to keep these times recorded/put them in a bottle and keep them forever... 

As quickly as the babies change and grow in front of our eyes with each new day.  It truly is like a flower unfolding before us!  Nancy will be arriving with her little ones tonight, and we were told that her baby girl is now crawling and "getting into a lot of trouble!"  The last time we saw her she wasn't able to sit up on her own, and that was just at Christmas!  That first year of life is astronomical for all the changes and it truly is a daily changing!
This quilt appeared with the move and now I love to put it over the back of my couch at the foot of my bed with this fabric painted quilt square I made of my family on the farm standing on the hill with our farm behind.  I am yearning to make one of Ruth with her 6, and the farm has totally changed behind.  The house is the same on the outside, but changed on the inside as Ruth's vision of being able to see the yard and a canning kitchen with a large porch soon to be added this year. 
Yes, I took many and couldn't choose just one!

Just back from traveling with my husband to get the last of our tile for our final bathroom remodel about 1 1/2 hour away.  Pat will be giving a talk about the sacraments at a retreat this weekend, so much of the time was going over that.  But what really struck a cord with me was a brief sharing with someone about my age.  He shared that he had learned from his mother that you kindly and sweetly mention that a turn is coming up when his dad would be distracted and talking, so as to keep the peace.  I realized that I can be snappy and short.  We both in that moment realized that when you take a challenging situation and are meek and gentle and loving in your response that it will bear calmer and better results.  He has carried this over to when his wife is driving, and it was powerful to see that the hard lessons we learn in our families can then bear fruit for us in our own relationship with our spouse!  "I never realized til now how much I did learn from my mother's example."  he shared with me. 
Sharing that the Sacrament of Matrimony is a daily sacrament, and that it is s a daily cross we are called to carry/drag down the narrow path... I was struck by how we can learn some good habit and values and morals in our domestic Church/family.  Pat and I had that talk on our first date that showed us clearly that we shared the same values - Faith/Family/Farm so what really prevented us from going ahead and quickly?

The Holy Spirit spoke through Pat when I got confused by all the others at our engagement encounter saying that we should only bring 2 kids into this messed up world at the most.  "Are we being selfish to have a lot of kids?"  "No, the world needs lights."  All my fears melted away and vanished into thin air!  How my heart is saddened by all the lights that have been extinguished by abortion!  Lord, may this horror and evil come to an end!
Romeo eating his 3rd bowl of tomato soup!  All Maria's kids love our soup and applesauce!  That is why we do all the work... this dirty smiling face is a testament of love for a grandma!
"She's belted in and ready for a ride!"  David is in charge of his sister while mom is away.
Therese and David modeling for their baby sister how to work/do chores to help out...  It is so cool to see how natural the baby is in her arms, and how loving they are toward their precious baby sister.  "Babies are a lot of work, but we love them." says Therese.
How we love new life in our families... The words of God to Noah today are the Truth that our Church upholds to us as we are called to be open to LIFE and raise our children as LIGHTS for the world in our domestic Church/families as we share our Faith with great JOY!  "Be fertile and multiply and fill the earth..."  Genesis 9  Yes, having large families brings us to sacrifice ourselves and die to self, but isn't that exactly what we are called to do as we humbly serve God?
Some beautiful roses a day after Valentines Day from my husband next to the sweet bouquet from Maria's Joseph.  A testament of their love in the beauty of God's creation...

Jesus, our family will soon be complete... all but Hallel, although we know she is with us in spirit and her prayers for us, and Captain Joseph, who is away in training.  Nancy and Bill are arriving tonight, Lord, asking for safety in travels for them.  I might have to add the two missing to the family pictures we will be taking over our time together.  Give us the best of Family time as we share our Faith/Family/Farm in this beautiful spring like weather.  Nancy was reminded that rubber boots will be a must!  Lord, Family time is the Best!  May we serve without counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The two girls are so sweet together!  How we are enjoying this sweet little girl along with her siblings.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Family meals are big and the family time at it's best!
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Pat and Paul testifying in front of the legislature yesterday
"Lyon County Farm Bureau members Paul Lanoue and Pat Verly, along with MFBF President Paap, testified before the MN House Transportation and Regional Government Finance Committee today supporting HF125, which prohibits road authorities from establishing certain requirements and permits that govern road ditch mowing."
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Pontifical High Mass in the Ordinary Form celebrated ad orientem by Archbishop Emeritus of Lipa, His Excellency Ramon Arguelles
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"Do you believe in the power of prayer? Let's renew our covenant with our Lord today, and ask Him to do a great work of mercy in our nation, our families and culture, and in the hearts and lives of all His people throughout the world. We certainly could use a special grace of deeper conversion."
Scott Hahn
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Danielle Rose - True Love/the Cross
Casting Crowns - O Glorious Day
Lauren Daigle - Come Alive
Lauren Daigle - Light of the world

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