Friday, February 10, 2017

Family/Domestic Church... "He has done all things well..." Mark 7

New little ones seem to change daily with more smiles and engaging with  their eyes and learning how to reach out with their fingers and hands, and more smiles and more giggles and more interesting for all those around them!  Rose is just a month and a half away from welcoming her new sister, and from how much she loves to spend time with her baby cousin... I think it is safe to say that she will be a very loving big sister to her.

Pat met us at mass... yes, Maria managed to get all 5 of her kids dressed and out the door to mass in 15 minutes!  It was kind of miraculous, and just shows how determined she can be when she sets her sights on something.  Pat had just come from his This Man is You meeting and was quite brimming over with the news that our families are our domestic church.  I guess you can tell that he never reads my blog as that is my topic most days, and it kind of hurt that he heard it there and not hear.  But I guess I should be just glad that he heard it!
A house full of 10 kids when Ruth with her 5 from school stops over for a quick visit and then takes some of Maria's with her.  Ruth has noticed that he kids are happy to stop in to spend some time in their former home.  "They really like to be here now.'  Lots of fond memories after all their happy years here and all the work they did to make this a wonderful home... now with new bathrooms it is just about perfect for friends and family to spend time with us. 
The two 4 year olds with the dog and the newly plastered bathroom behind... the end of the remodel is in sight. 

Yes, how I love the Truth that our Faith must be taught in our homes and so it is truly The Domestic Church.  Our faith needs to be shared with JOY in order for them to take hold of it and make the Faith their own.  There are many fond memories of sharing family prayer time during lent and advent together and the kids all excited to hear about the lives of the Saints, or say a decade of the rosary together, or read Bible stories, and sing praise and worship songs I learned as a Protestant growing up and going to family camp.  Singing "We're on the upward trail" as we climbed the stairs up to their rooms at night.  Now Ruth climbs those stairs with her kids and tucks them into the same rooms at night.  Talk about having the life she grew up with!
Pretty blue eyed Mary in her new coral jacket... she will be 11 a few weeks after her sister is born, and I am sure will be a great helper for her mom.  It has been fun to watch her grow up and be a very sweet and kind girl.

Our Domestic Church/Family can be a place where we can say with great conviction what the people, who were amazed at his healing of the deaf man with the speech impediment today..."He has done all things well.  He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak."  Mark 3:37  How can we discover this place of goodness/where all things are done well?  By putting the Lord first in our lives and carrying/dragging our most Cherished Cross down the narrow path.  Dying to self so that the Holy Spirit can dwell in us and we become his hands and feet, and embracing the motto of The Community of the Lamb -"Wounded, I will not cease to love."  That's hard!
After mass and breakfast at MacDonalds with grandma and grandpa... she still is sweet and smiling. 

It looks like a nice day ahead with my husband going to a bull sale about 2 hours away is on the "fake plans" for today.  I am a bit ready for some adult time after the days here surrounded with so much noise and activity.  A grandma can need to go and shut the door and find her beads each afternoon, and that is a time when I can pray for each one in my family, my husband, my God children, my extended family and Pat's and my beloved Church!  The Chaplet has become most precious to me since sharing it with my mother-in-law at her deathbed about 2 months ago now, and how it has been a way of connecting with those of her children that have left The Church behind.  When my mother in law introduced them all to it when she first went on hospice 2 years ago...  We heard a lot of curiosity - "What is this prayer asking for mercy from Jesus on the rosary beads?" 

Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song

Rare moment that grandpa isn't holding the little girlie... As soon as we got to Church this morning for mass... he held her and she was very good for her big loving grandpa Pat!

Lord, it is so good that we can share in a small slice of heaven here on earth if only we place you first and humbly love and serve you through loving and serving each other.  Those the closest to us we can treat the worst, and how we long to do better.  May we die to self so that we may be yours totally and completely this day and always.... sharing our Faith with great JOY as it fills each day to overflowing with so much goodness and marvelous Truth as we follow you down the narrow path - The Way- and find our LIFE eternal with you, your Mother, Mary most Holy, and all the Saints in heaven!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
She is truly a precious papoose!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke and my little mini me, Evangeline Mary!
A new LIGHT has entered the world! 
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Anticipating the Feast Day for tomorrow - so excited!!!!
How John is head over heels in love with Our Lady!
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Give me the strength today, O Lord.
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The Saint that is just me - Danielle Rose
3 Saints who may have had autism spectrum disorder

Crusade prayer to conquer negative thoughts: "O Jesus, I know very little about You, but please help me to open my heart to allow You to come into my soul, so that You can heal me, comfort me, and fill me with Your Peace.
Help me to feel joy, to conquer all negative thoughts, and to learn the way to make me understand how to please You, so that I can enter Your New Paradise, where I can live a life of love, joy and wonder with You, forever and ever. Amen."
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