Monday, February 13, 2017

Jesus is in control... not us! "Jesus, I trust in you." St Faustina and the whole world

Little sweet 3 month old gives us so much joy in her time with us, as we watch her develop more with each new day.  Discovering her fingers... she looks to be praying!
Oh my!!!! So sweet!!!
The centerpiece on the table is alive and charming everyone with her smiles and coos!  Another busy day around here with tile work going on in the bathroom, and another step closer of finally being done with our remodeling projects that began in the beginning of January!

The Gospel today is short and a strong reminder that the Lord is in control, and not we ourselves.  When I am around controlling people I realize how hard they are to deal with and how sad and frustrated they become with others.  I might be a little too much the other way... "Whatever" could be a good way to describe how I approach some of these big decisions!  It is good to realize that we cannot control things, yet we need to take some initiative and make decisions well and timely. 
After Sunday dinner the kids were sent outside with their bowls of ice cream on a beautiful day in mid February.

There is a powerful prayer, which has become so important to me in the midst of John's brain cancer..."Jesus, I trust in you."
When John's cancer grew back through the chemo we pleaded with God and our prayer warriors to hold us up as we were filled with fear!  In the midst we got a message from our Bishop LeVoir - "when you are in a hard place of fear and doubt say these words; 'Jesus, I trust in you.' "  Daily I say this and write it many times, and have shared it numerous times with those that are similarly tested or in a hard place.  It takes it out of our hands and puts it where it needs to be controlled by our loving and forgiving Savior, Jesus Christ!  These are the words we have received from St Faustina and her Chaplet of Divine Mercy is a special gift to us each day, too!
No jackets and ice cream outside on a glorious day!  Soon our KC family will be joining us for some days on the farm!
Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song

Jesus, may we die to self and give you all the control in our lives.  May we embrace our Cross and follow after you in order to find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT in our daily lives.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
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My daily prayer that accompanies me through the ups and downs... my Mother of Heaven and earth holds me close!
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Worth another share!!!  This is what I say about non Catholics receiving The Eucharist..."If you receive you need to believe that it is the Body and Blood of Christ, and if you do believe that why would you be anything but Catholic?"  It is so black and white to me!
Casting Crowns - Praise him in the storm
When we called Hallel to tell her that John had a tumor in his brain..."Mom, this is the storm and Jesus is in control."  The Gospel Father's Day 2009... Jesus calming the storm - Mark 4:35-40!  When Hallel says that they chew The Word... well, it also speaks to our world as they go forth representing Christ knocking on the door of the poor!  We are so blessed with so many graces if only we give it over to Jesus!

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My dad, Deacon Robert Cross, favorite verse, and probably mine too along with so many others...

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