Sunday, February 26, 2017

Joy coursing through my LIFE!

Walking down the aisle of The Basilica of St Mary on my wedding day in 1978 between my parents seems like an appropriate way to start today after just rereading my mom's section of the book, Spiritual Journeys, in which she shares our conversion story in a chapter entitled, A letter to Charlotte.  Why?  I had been Catholic for 7 glorious years at this point in my early Catholic days and gone through my discernment of becoming a religious nun years.  I attended daily mass here at The Basilica with my single Catholic friends and fallen head over heels in love with my Beloved Catholic Church!  My dad had left the ministry as a Protestant Minister to become a permanent deacon in The Catholic Church and married us!

In the home of my mother-in-law after mass we visited with 3 of Pat's sisters, who are going through her things.  We are invited to take back the things we have given her.  I noticed the silver icon of Mary with baby Jesus from Rome, which we had gifted to her 13 years ago when we visited Maria while studying in Rome.  Then resting in her bookcase was the book...Spiritual Journeys!
Yes, Mary took a tumble at some point, but I know she was always in a special prayer space my mother-in-law had in her sunroom.   Rereading the chapter written by my mother in 1987ish after our conversion in 1971.  I am reminded of how much I have to thank my parents for, but most of all The Holy Spirit, which brought us to the True Church, and yes, there is daily JOY as a result of that journey for me!
Deacon dad baptizing our first child, Ruth Ida in 1980!  How Patrick loves those babies, and has shared our Catholic Faith with JOY in our family!  So many graces and blessings all around us as we are filled with so much each day of our journey of Faith/Family/Farm!  Wishing your family a small slice of heaven each day with Jesus and His Bride, The Church.  Bless-bless, Barb

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