Friday, February 3, 2017

Joyful tears in the dark..."let marriage be honored...." Hebrews 13 on John's 28th birthday!

 Breakfast and morning prayer with John and Maria's 3 boys before I headed in to mass this morning.  Although I am sick with a cold, and it was a bit better today... I really wanted and needed to have my throat blessed on this the Feast of St Blaise....
Today's blessing:  Through the intercession of Saint Blaise, bishop and martyr, may God deliver you from every disease of the throat and from every other illness: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, + and of the Holy Spirit.

As we prayed together in the dark kitchen our petitions centered around John and his healing and asking for the Lord to continue to guide and direct him on the path laid out for him on this his 28th birthday!  John's petitions made me weep at his words about how great an example of being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS dad and I were.  "You raised the girls to look for good Catholic husbands, who continue on with the values taught by The Church, and their husbands can even lead them in their faith." 

Candles in his breakfast sandwich and "God in Blessing you now" to the melody of Happy Birthday!

Yes!  In many ways the girls were looking for their father.  They were all looking for that man, who loves The Church and family.  We even have a joke that Pat picked out the husbands for our two oldest in modern day arranged marriages.  When Ruth would come home from college Pat would say to her time and again..."Why don't you see what Paul is doing this weekend?"  And when Nancy was looking for a good man... Pat pointed out to her Bill with these words; "What about Bill?"  Now there are many family stories about Joseph calling Pat about courting his daughter while Pat was laying under a piece of equipment fixing it and Pat thought it was a telemarketer or a joke, so Joseph definitely was baptized by fire also!  Not to mention being left in a closed truck on a hot day when he came to ask for her hand.  Fire/heat indeed!  For him to not lose heart is a testament to his love!

Filled to overflowing on John's birthday... I looked around the Church to see so many Johns all around me!  Here is John with Mary at the foot of the Cross at his death on the Cross - Station 12 and around the corner the 13th with the taking his lifeless body down from the Cross!

The coming of light sooner really was evident to me as I sat after mass to recite my Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  A few weeks ago when the lights were turned out the church remained dark except for the votive candles on the altar.  Today there was light throughout the church!  The Chaplet has become so powerful for me since the death of my mother-in-law about 7 weeks ago, as we shared it often at her deathbed, and now she has joined my Father-in-law on the first decade.  We know that in her heart she wanted her entire family to receive Jesus at her funeral.  I just pray that it truly can work in their hearts.  Lord, hear my prayer.
I had the joy of putting the first topknot as I finally found my tiny rubber bands.  Maybe you will have blue eyes like your dad little girl?

So many good words today in the readings... Jesus never changes in our world and lives - Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is at the heart of our lives, marriages, families/domestic Church, our extended families, our every moment of each day!  I was amazed today as I looked around the church while I said my chaplet and once again was impressed by so very much I am given each day of this journey thanks to The Church!  How I love The Beloved Bride The Church with all that is within me! 
 The sign for St John, the Apostle/Evangelist, who wrote the Gospel according to John and Revelations, and was the Beloved Disciple to Jesus.  So good to see The name!
 St John...

Luke had been our boys name, but after 4 girls we grew tired of how overused it was and I know that influence of my hero St John Paul II, that we then named our first son, and last living child - John Patrick!  John prayed in the dark this morning for the fact that it looked like we stopped because we had our boy, but rather we had 3 more pregnancies which we lost - the two after him, William and Robert, lived 5 months in my womb and are buried at the cemetery!
This window devoted to St John and another with a chalice with snakes coming out of it.  WE discovered that this was also for The Beloved Disciple, who they tried to poison his drink and the poison came out in the form of a snake.  One window on both sides of the church - Johns all around me there and also in the Stations!
 The 4th station - Jesus meets his mother with St John at her side!
Throat blessing - St Blaise, pray for us!

"At first he was a doctor who … Attended human life … And then he ministered to souls … In spiritual strife … A bishop in Armenia … St. Blaise acquired fame … By many healings he performed … In God’s most holy name … Especially the little child  … Who nearly choked to death … And through St Blaise’s prayers returned  … To free and normal breath … And that is why one day each year … His saintliness we note … And ask his prayers to guard us from … Diseases of the throat … And even more important to … St Blaise’s great renown … Is all the torture he endured … To earn his martyr’s crown. "
Looking at cows on grandpa's phone, after some wrestling with the big guy!
 The topknot got me taking too many pictures!
 I feel bad that it looks like she is sharing my cold with me, too!  So sorry little sweet girlie!

The Gospel today was John the Baptist being beheaded, and that is kind of a hard one for John's birthday, but Father Paul pointed out more the wrong values held by Herod as he followed the ways of the world.  He pointed out the values and standards set out for us by The Church as it is there to help us get to heaven forever with Jesus, Mary, St Blaise, and all the Saints and Angels !
An adorable little Lamb thanks to Oma!
Happy Birthday, Uncle Johnnie! 

Jesus, how we long to love and serve you always and without counting the cost!  We thank and praise you for healing John and calling him to be your servant this year as he works with those in need as a para in the high school and sharing his conversion/healing story when he can!  These words from the Psalm for today - Psalm 27 are so true for him
The Lord is my light and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is my life's refuge;
of whom shall I be afraid?

Though an army encamp against me,
my heart will not fear;
Though war be waged upon me,
even then will I trust...
He will conceal me in the shelter of his tent,
he will set me high upon a rock.
The Lord is my light and my salvation.
Lord, we are yours, and Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The Church supplies us with all we need each day of our journey called Faith/Family/Farm!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Hallel's prayers are always with us!
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Diamonds out of us -
Borrowing Maria's Christmas pictures of the living Nativity!
Mary and Jesus...
A shepherd with a cute fuzzy cow...
So sweet even if we are in ordinary time!
We miss you Captain Joseph!

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