Thursday, February 9, 2017

Loneliness is hard to find these days, and that is a good thing. Family is the answer!

Roger the outside dog comes in with the workmen on a cold day and finds some rare snuggles and pats from all the kids and his beloved mom... me!   Evangeline looks very interested in this cute animal in front of her!
Three hooded boys give Roger some overwhelming attention before he goes out into the cold. 

Yes, life around here is busy, and active, and loud, and lots of banging with the bathroom getting worked on throughout the days.  Yesterday, after the homeschool was done, Maria headed to town while Evangeline took her nap through all the screw guns sounds as the sheet rock went up, and the other 4 gathered around Magic School Bus in my bedroom as the noise was to great to watch it in the living room.  Grandma laid down on Maria's bed with my rosary so that I could hear the baby and shut the door for a bit of some muffled sounds. 
David and Patrick with Roger, who has a cure for his cold loneliness outside!

Loneliness in mentioned in the first reading today in the creation of woman to be a companion for Adam..."That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one flesh."  Genesis 2:24  It is called "the curse of the human race" and how does that figure?  When we are alone it can be very painful as we are all centered upon ourselves life seems bleak and painful with no one there for us. Of course, Jesus is there for us along with Mary and all the Saints!  But for many they are too turning inward to look upward.

 My life changed drastically with this mover off the farm a little less than a year ago now.  This place is very quiet in comparison to all the hustle and bustle on the farm with equipment, livestock and all the ups and downs with them, calving, and for Ruth the 5 going on 6 kids and all the running and caring for them and feeding them, and washing the many clothes and on and on. 
Tomato soup for lunch!  All the kids loved it and it was once again a reminder of why we do all the work of canning!  This year Maria will be here for planting the garden, but will miss the canning in August.  They will be here til mid May and then they will be moving out to Tacoma, Washington!  My house is filled with her family and those quiet days are a distant memory for this time in our lives.  We enjoyed having a 3 month baby girl join us for morning prayer this morning, and John usually has 3 little boys lined up at the counter in the dark kitchen watching him eat breakfast while we share morning prayer before he heads out for his job at the high school in the neighboring town.  As he heads out the door there are many small voices wishing him a good day..."Goodbye, Uncle Johnnie.  Have a good day!" 
Therese loves her soup!  Two bowls gobbled down with that wonderful smile of appreciation!

How can we be lonely if we are open to LIFE and serious about raising them as LIGHTS by sharing our Faith with JOY?  Yes, family is the answer to our suffering from loneliness.  Asking the Lord to reveal his plan for in the vocation he is calling us to.  I did consider a call to religious life and it even did bring me joyfully into the Catholic Church with my family of 13!!

My vocation did happen to be marriage to my Most Cherished Cross, as by embracing him I am blessed with LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  How would I describe my marriage?  Never a dull moment.  I married a wonderful communicator and I know that is something that I am blessed with as many men struggle with sharing their thoughts and feelings. 
She had on farmgirl coveralls today, so we got some on mom's bed, which has a mural Ruth and Paul painted as her head board.  I love Our Lady by the stream, and it is inspired by Paul's grandmother's grotto at Lanoue Park.  Nothing is better than a sweet little 3 month farmgirl and a beautiful mural celebrating the beauty of Creation and the woman, who said "yes" to bring LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT into the world!
All the little creatures playing a frolicking around...
Mommy walks into the room!

Lord, how we are comforted and brought out of our inner sadness and feeling sorry for ourselves by Family!  Just talking to someone, who has lost a daughter and now her husband in the last year, and how there is comfort in knowing that they are now together, and that "I have a lot of family that will help me get through this one day at a time."  So true that our family is our domestic Church where we share our Faith with JOY, and where we support each other with love and dying to self so that we can place others first, and serve them without counting the cost.  How much time do we have to feel sorry for ourselves when we are busy caring for others?  Yes, I still try to carve out my prayer time after lunch and follow the wonderful instructions of my mother-in-law to me when I first got married..."take a nap every day."  Love to shut my door and find my beads passing through my fingers and pray for my kids and husband, Godchildren, my family and Pat's, and my Church!  I am up to 10 decades... How I love to have my Queen of Heaven and earth always with me, and bringing me to her Son!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Soon Rose will have her sister here, too!  About 6 weeks to go, and we will welcome grandchild #15!  Loneliness is not something we experience around here and Family sharing Faith and The Farm is the answer!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The girls plus one soon, and two more in KC = 7 girls and 8 boys!  Growing up with many siblings and cousins is a wonderful blessing and cure for loneliness as we need to look outward and not inward!
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The Gospel today was the woman who begged Jesus..."Lord, even the dogs under the table eat the children's scraps."  We are unworthy, yet he is always there if we humbly beg for his forgiveness !
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Can't get enough of this great example of how our wounds can be healed and we can come away from the Cross with newness of LIFE!
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If we are the Body - Casting Crowns

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