Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Offer to God your praise as a sacrifice..." Psalm 50

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I thought this find was perfect to start my sharing on this Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras 2017.  Nancy shared this from KC where they are having a final day of decadence with..." Happy Fat Tuesday! We are indulging in the best possible way: PJ's, chocolate and no errands!"  Things look similar at my house with Maria handing out hot chocolate with French vanilla creamer to the kids while we had some fun watercoloring together in the midst of home school.  Tomorrow Lent begins!

I was intrigued by the words of the Psalm today from mass as they caught me off guard with the declaration that we offer "praise as a sacrifice."  Why would praise be a sacrifice we would offer to God?  Life makes praise difficult on a daily basis with the illnesses all around us these days, the little ones away from their home and dad, the frustrations of getting cow TV ready and the curve balls that are thrown at us with the calving season, the weather warm one day and cold and windy the next, the beginning of Lent and the fasting and doing without and doing extra for others that comes with that... all of these can lead us to complain to the Lord and put on a unhappy face inside and out.  How much better for all if we offer a sacrifice of praise instead of one of complaint and anger and frustration!
An example could be the mud that comes with spring being sticky and dirty and you can complain about it, instead we get shiny rubber boots and have fun with it!  We give praise for the warm weather and the ability to get out and have fun jumping in the mud puddles!  Mud and manure and calving go hand in hand, so rubber boots are a must whenever we go out to see the calves.  With them on we can relax and help and enjoy the calving season.  The dirty boots are easily washed off with a hose and are a good as new!  Praise can be found in the midst of our challenges, and our whole world can take a positive turn and all those in our domestic Church/family will be happier, too!
Beauty can be found in most every part of our lives!  When you are open to LIFE and have the beauty of new life around you... we can praise Him as we see how precious life is and how it should be protected and cherished no matter the cost! 

It is so important to keep our inner chapel clear of evil influences and darkness, so that we are able to allow the LIGHT to flood in and see the beauty and Praise Him no matter what we are facing as challenges and hard times.  Yes, I can see that there are those times when praise is offered as a sacrifice when we really want to rant and rave and complain to the high heavens!
Mary is such a model for us in how we can offer to God our praise as a sacrifice!  She brings Jesus so lovingly to me in my prayer to her each day in The Rosary.... just as she said "yes" no matter the personal injury she was given in being pregnant out of marriage, and all she had to face in raising Christ as the LIGHT to the world He is!  She certainly had to raise him with Praise and sharing the Truth with JOY!  The Holy Family is there to assist us to share our own Faith with JOY, and in that way it comes into the heart where the seed is planted and much fruit can fill our lives with the Fruits of the Spirit!
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Wouldn't our homes be the best they could be if this were the fruit we would produce and nurture?  Come Holy Spirit and fill us with all that is good and may we offer a sacrifice of Praise no matter what we face or experience to challenge our joy!
Therese sharing her love of little ones with the 4 year old girls!  Soon Rose will have her own baby sister!  Ruth is on her last month! 

Lord, how we long to be more positive and praise you in the midst of life's frustrations and challenges.  If we give up all for you we truly see that we are blessed with a happy family and a small slice of heaven here on earth.  You promised us in the Gospel today that if we leave all behind we will receive "a hundred times more in the present age."  We long to share your LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT with all those the closest to us that we can treat the worst.  May we offer a sacrifice of praise instead of hurting those close to us.  "Wounded, I will not cease to love."  the motto of The Community of the Lamb!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah (last time till Easter!)
Two girls and on March 31st they will be joined by a 3rd!  And two weeks after she is born we will all get to see our Little Sister Hallel in KC for Easter!  So excited and offering my sacrifice of not getting a real hug since Easter 2 years ago to make this the best hug and visit ever!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Soon there will be 3 little girls on Antie Hallel's lap!  So excited beyond words and praise is easy for this grateful heart!
I predict she will have enough hair to join in the topknot trio!
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Jesus is in control of our lives!
Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me
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