Friday, February 17, 2017

So thrilled that in embracing our Cross of sacrifice we are being given our perfect family time gift!

A house full of grandkids and 3 of my daughters sitting around visiting and caring for the kids.  My two youngest granddaughters are sharing laps and looks of wonder and delight in just 6 short weeks their other girl cousin will be coming to share in the family time.  Just in time for our first home visit in 4 years from our nun daughter, Little Sister Hallel!  She called from Rome yesterday to tell me..."Mom, your prayers have been answered!  I am coming to Kansas City for Easter and then two weeks later I will be coming home for a home visit."  Yes, we are all excited and making fake plans left and right!
5 months apart and Evangeline will be 5 months older than Ruth's little girl due to arrive on March 31st, just 2 weeks from Easter on the 16th and then a couple weeks later Hallel will come to the farm.  Her quiet contemplative life will be torn asunder!  She will survive for the 3 days here with us.  We could try to have David's first Communion in that time as well as Baptism for our new little girl! 

I need to go and have some intense family time, but the reading in the Gospel today is ringing it's Truth in my heart and soul this day... In taking up our Cross of sacrificing our daughter to Jesus, her spouse, He has blessed us with the most perfect of time with her... here while Maria and her family are still here before they head to Washington State.  When Ruth has welcomed her new baby, and possibly getting Baptized with Hallel!  All of us together here and in KC for such a glorious Easter with Hallel and her wonderful Community of the Lamb!  Pat will be busy with planting the crop, but Hallel can spend some farm time with him here and there.  I am filled with so much excitement and JOY and thankfulness that it looks to be the very best answer to all our hopes and prayers!
Patrick's turn with grandpa in the tractor and the truck!  How grandpa loves to share his farm with the kids!
Doughnuts are a quick and much beloved breakfast by our house full!
Checking out the place where the jaccuzi will be soon! 
A lot of development can happen in 5 months...

Family time is calling, and we are all making fake plans left and right for as much time with Hallel/Susan as we can manage to work out.  I would love to go down with a couple of the granddaughters for some days of sleeping at Nancy's and going over for some prayer time and some meals with Hallel and the Community! 
Two of the 4 year olds hanging out together.  Jesus, we love you and long to come closer to you with each new day.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

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