Monday, February 6, 2017

"They scurried about..." "God saw that it was good." Mark 6/Genensis 1

A morning baking and meal lesson for the homeschoolers as we expect company this morning and our house is filled with much activity with 3 different work crews here at the same time!  Pat's sister is due to come and stop in.  Yikes!!! 
Grandma taught the lesson about how on the farm we have lunch mid morning and mid afternoon, the noon meal is dinner and the night meal is supper.  Maria admits that when they get an invite over for dinner she is never too sure with her farmgirl thinking whether they will arrive in the evening and find out that they meant noon.  "Joe just can't get that there could be a question with the time."
Maria also said that cookies are such a huge treat and rarity in their house that they make one dozen for a birthday, so to make 5 dozen for our company today is HUGE for her kids!  They certainly loved this project... most especially cleaning off the mixer blades and various spoons and scrapers.  The workmen will probably get served cookies along with the company!
Little Evangeline joins in the fun today... 

Looking over the readings today to see if anything spoke to me of this crazy zoo we are living in today... we finally had to lock our dog in the playhouse as he continually ran through the house with each workman going in and out, and we are constantly keeping the little boys out of the path they need to take through the kitchen and dining room, and hearing anything on the TV for the kids is impossible with the drilling and the pounding and the smashing.  How does "they scurried about" seen to reflect on this house filled with 6 workmen, Maria, and her 5 kids?  I have been trying to make the two new bathrooms presentable for our company, so there is a higher intensity of "scurrying about" on all levels around here. 

Putting my head into the scene Jesus encountered when he got off the boat on the other side and all went scurrying to get their sick into the marektplaces where they "begged him that they might touch the tassel on his cloak and as many as touched it were healed."
Pat and John both administering the Body and Blood at mass yesterday.  Today is the feast of St Paul Miki and companions, who were killed on the cross in Japan in the 1700s.  If we only touch Him we are healed and given what we need to persevere... no matter what we are called upon to do.  St Paul Miki certainly is one to look to and pray to for help in being placed on those crosses that come with life!

The first reading is from Genesis 1 - the creation of the world, and it almost feels like that with all this chaos going on all around me!  My 3rd bathroom has now become a "formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss" and there are 4-6 men all trying to do their part of the job in that small dark place at once.  "Let there be light."  is right!
Throat blessing done after mass - even 3 month old Evangeline got hers blessed in the name of St Blaise!  So amazing all the special help we get from the Saints and from The Catholic Church in each days journey no matter what we face. 

Even God reflected on bringing light and form into the world and called it good.  How I long to get through all this and be able to have a peaceful... as much as it gets with Maria and 5 kids here... and sane life again with wonderful new bathrooms with light and water and nice to the eye too!
Grandpa and his grandkids... he loves to have his arms full of the little ones, and they seem to love to be there in that big arm and huge hand too!  Romeo just turned 2 and has been buckled in the seat next to grandpa and loving watching grandpa do his work for hours!
Cooking class with benefits...

Jesus, may we lay on our mat and reach out for your tassel and touch you to find that healing for our wounds and illnesses and weaknesses and sinfulness and all that overwhelms us with what comes at us with each new day.  We are scurrying about in our need to come close to you and find the LIGHT of the Truth all around us.  May we share the light and healing we receive with all those around us - most especially those in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Family time is the best!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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Mold me Lord!
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Reach out and touch him!
If I touch him - Danielle Rose

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