Saturday, February 11, 2017

Two great moms fill me with so much today! Our Lady of Lourdes and mom Verly!

One of the most graphic pictures taken in Lourdes in August of 2009... John on the Cross called brain cancer when he half-heartedly asked for Faith.  After the biopsy to diagnose his cancer he could not walk on his own, but needed a walker or his sisters... one on each side.  So powerful for me to see how we are called to share the Cross of Christ with our brothers and sisters in our domestic church/family or in our Church Family.  And even taking a step further... all those we encounter with needs and crosses to bear in their suffering journeys of life.  Sharing the Mercy and LOVE we have been given, could call others to embrace The Truth!
 One of my all time favorites... John's left side was left with ataxia and if Susan/Hallel helped him walk on that side they could manage just the two of them walking down the rustic path at Saint Pierre in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in Southern France.  The closenss, the helping, the support, the sharing of sister and brother both experiencing such powerful experiences at the same time... Susan taking her habit and becoming Little Sister Hallel, while John looks death in the eye and fights the battle of his life and in the midst of the darkness he experiences the True Light of Christ and embraces The Church!
In Lourdes after mass in the church, confession, and bathing in the miraculous baths..."Pour water over my head, because that is where I need my healing."  John told them, and came out with beads of precious waters clinging to his hair.  "It was very good to be there with Our Lady!"  John has been head over heels in love with Mary ever since...
So close and sharing the times of their lives.  John and Susan/Hallel continue to share often through phone calls, and prayer of course.  Our sacrifice of not having Hallel in our day to day lives is filled with her prayers for us daily!  And we know that we are united in The Eucharist.
Danielle Rose - See you in the Eucharist
Little Therese 7 years ago during John's cancer battle... she will be 9 in a month now, and continues to be the portrait of sweetness and light!
Therese and her baby sister, who will look so much like her big wonderful sister!
I was asked for a picture I took this morning before mom's passing when the family took meticulous care of their mother... It brought back the amazing gift her family returned to her by allowing her to stay in her wonderful home until her final day!
Like a babe in their loving arms!
Such a powerful picture of sharing The Cross called the end of our days filled with dignity and LOVE!  It looks like the Pieta to me, and the love is so evident in both!
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Pondering His LOVE!
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Oh, my Jesus may I die to self in the loving arms of your Mother, also, and go forth filled with Your Holy Spirit!
She bought us together on our knees in our inner temple sharing the rosary prayer of Mary interceding for us... asking for a peaceful death for mom Verly knowing of her love and devotion for Mary, the Mother of God!
Sharing prayer and The Word/Jesus speaking to us and appearing to us.  Today in the Gospel he feeds the 4,000... "actions of God, breaking into our world."  Bishop Robert Barron  How we all long for those actions to break into our world and change us forever as we serve without counting the cost and are have the change of heart that carries us down the narrow path as we carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and follow Jesus to find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
New LIFE gives us hope and fills us with wonder as "actions of God, breaking into our world!" 

Jesus, such great mothers fill us with so much comfort and help on our journeys in life and death.  Our Lady of Lourdes we love the healing and comfort we received through our time spent with you and Our Community of the Lamb.  Jesus, continue to break into my world with all your miraculous actions/miracles/healing/love/life/light that fill me to overflowing each day!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Sweet Sisters are so special to have here sharing our days on the farm.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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St Bernadette pray for us!
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6 million visiters a year to Lourdes!  And many recognized miracles!

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