Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two things on this Feast of the Presentation... I would so be Anna, and Jesus is there to help us when being tested

Sweet baby girl Evangeline is now 3 months old, and she is learning to recognize her loving grandpa Pat!  He always wants to hold her when he is home from time to time, and she looks at him with smiles and eye contact that won't quit!  "I know that you love me grandpa, and I love you, too!"  A true example of responding to LOVE no matter how young.  My sweet Patrick certainly models for our family being open and loving towards all LIFE and raising LIGHTS!
Patrick snuggling with his baby sister the other night... Patrick is known at "the snuggler."  I am not in much a snuggly mood with a bad cold keeping me dragging around and worried about kids catching it, too.  It would not be good for the baby to come down with it!

The Feast of the Presentation today and really wanting to get to mass, but home and slow due to sickness.  What really grabbed my attention as we read the readings numerous times starting at bed last night... After Anna the prophetess' husband died..."She never left the temple, but worshiped night and day with fasting and prayer."  I know that on many deep internal levels that I am a contemplative, and if not for all that pulls me into the world in the way of Family and Farm that I would so never leave the temple night and day... I do admit that fasting has never been big for me, and I do know that there is reason for it and that it can accomplish spiritual tasks for us as we strive for holiness and pray for the world.  But I fail more often than not at fasting.  So there is room to grow and to improve my spiritual life!  But the prayer part is so HUGE for me!
The doorbell rang about an hour ago with a special package from Wisconsin - Oma is so good about sending special gifts for each of the 5 and their mom!  Thank you!  I got this fun picture of Romeo in a cute hat the same color as his red hair.  There was so much excitement and joy as they gathered around the box and opened up each item one at a time with lots of giggles of glee!  Wish you were here Oma to see the happy faces!  Come for a visit when the weather is nice and warm this spring!

Yes, I would be Anna in the temple day and night praying and know that there are other plans for me with the waves of life that pass over my head and all around me.  I am not saying that I am always a happy doer of those things I am required to do, but I realize that life is not a bed of roses and all sweetness and happiness.  If life was always pleasant the good times would not be nearly as good!  We need the low spots to make the mountain heights to be glorious and wonderful!
School just started in the other room.  Beds are made, clothes are on, breakfast is done and cleaned up, Therese went out and discovered the chickens had gotten their door open and were out in the shed, so David went out to help get them back in, the eggs (7) are brought in and in the sink, Maria is reading to them as they work on math and reading.  Patrick and Romeo can play quietly (?) while the others have school. 

I love this introductory address from mass today;
Dear Brethren, forty days have passed since we celebrated the joyful feast of the Nativity of the Lord.  Today is the blessed day when Jesus was presented in the Temple by Mary and Joseph.  Outwardly he was fulfilling the Law, but in reality he was coming to meet his believing people.  Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Simeon and Anna came to the Temple.  Enlightened by the same Spirit, they recognized the Lord and confessed him with exultation.  So let us also, gathered together by the Holy Spirit, proceed to the house of God to encounter Christ.  There we shall find him and recognize him in the breaking of the bread, until he comes again, revealed in glory.
A visit to Colman church where my dad was Deacon/Administrator for 3 years... we were reminded of how uplifting and beautiful it is!  Jesus in the tabernacle above the altar held up by two angels and the huge crucifix above.  Our hearts, minds and souls are lifted up...  The Crucifix reminds us... "Because he himself was tested through what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested."  How?  We are given so much each day!  We are given Jesus in The Word and in The Body and Blood on the altar, we have the Saints and Celebrations/Feasts like today is the Presentation reminding us of Jesus/the Temple within where The Holy Spirit fills us and we become the hands and feet of Jesus in the world around us, Mary our Mother above all mothers, and her life-line, the rosary, prayer and the best hour of our week in Adoration in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament on the alar!  I place each member of both of our families in the monstrance with Jesus - over 200!
The humble monstrance at Lumen Christi/LIGHT of Christ Monastery in KC...   Each day Hallel and her Community find daily mass and then spend time in Adoration.  I have a daughter, who is a contemplative nun!  My own call led to hers!
Recognizing Jesus on the altar in such a powerful way!  He certainly is always there to help us no matter what we face - if we only humbly come to Him and lay our burdens at his feet.  Humility is the key to our finding Jesus always there with open arms!

Jesus, I am needing you this day and always... I am yearning to come to you in my inner temple and fall on my knees in humility before your Truth!  Show me the way to share your Truth with all those I encounter, and when necessary use words.  May I always love and serve without counting the cost.  "Wounded, I will not cease to love."  the motto of The Community of the Lamb... how I long to live in this way!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The Lamb shows us the way, The Truth and The LIFE!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Grandpa and his little sweet girl!
Susan looking so much like Romeo... I know it is random, but couldn't resist sharing .
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This is all I long for... to be forever in heaven with Jesus, Mary and all the Saints!
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He is making diamonds out of us
The Saint that is just me - Danielle Rose
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