Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Your Valentine." St Valentine to the jailer's daughter, whom he had cured of blindness, as he went to his execution

Look at those baby blues... we are starting to think that Evangeline is going to have her dad's blue eyes.

Just moments before this picture... I was feeling kind of let down by my lack of pictures lately of my crew here living with us.  Then I was gifted with this wonderful Valentine... new rubber boots along with pink booties to face the Minnesota mud!  Rainbow rubber boots at that, and all the smiling faces and happy looks for grandma.  There is a tea party planned on the porch after school with Valentines and probably some mud puddle pictures and...
Mom just made them heart shaped pancakes for her sweet 5 Valentines!   Grandma has a big smile on her face and a lot of JOY in her heart, which is such a wonderful gift on this day of LOVE!  It was really special to share with the kids about how St Valentine's Day came about.  St Valentine married couples which was against the law as the Emperor thought that men wouldn't join the army if they married.  So he was sent to jail and there he cured the jailer's daughter of her blindness, and when he went to his execution he left her a note - "Your Valentine."  It makes this day much richer and special knowing of the Spiritual roots from which it all sprang.  It is quite heart rendering to see Maria shower her kids with loving gestures to make it a special day for them without all the romantic overtones that have colored it over the centuries.
Strawberry jam and whipped topping makes them over the top!

We are taking baby steps towards the end of our remodel with tile going in the bathroom today.  With our Kansas City family due in a few days we will have a house full!!!  Let the craziness begin!
Patrick loves his army green boots, and soon they will be muddy after time in mud puddles, and grandma has pictures on her brain.  This warm February is lovely!
Ready for the mud and the creek in the pasture and the manure by the cows.  Calving is just a few weeks away, and these boots will be a necessity for the grandkid/baby calves pictures ahead.  Welcome to our Minnesota farm!  We love our rubber boots here!

The Gospel today is our reminder that we will always be fed if only we humbly approach our Lord and lay our burdens at his feet and with a clean heart, mind and soul touch him in The Eucharist each day or as possible...  There is always Bread for us as long as there are priests, who bring us the LIFE giving Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Let us pray for more men to answer the call to the Priesthood, so that LIFE will enter the world and we can reach out and touch him every day of this journey!  St Valentine certainly is an example of such a priest, who brought Christ into the world!
Shiny and clean and soon they will be muddy, but they can be washed off as well as the kids and the clothes - all washable!

Maria managed to get her entire 5 ready and off to mass this morning in just 20 minutes!  They went to mass, exercise at the Y, and rubber boot shopping at 2 stores!  She is quite amazing to me!  Now they are making individual Valentines with rhyming verses on them...
To details you are so attentive,
I know someday you will be very inventive

You are so good at playing house,
Even with Patrick as your spouse.

It is always nice when we play!
I hope to see you every day!

You always brighten my day,
When you tell me about your friend, "A."

In goofing off, your next to none!
Playing with you is so much fun!

 So sweet and special and from the heart, which is what we all know about our Therese!
The rubber boots are on feet and outside for their first adventure as they are getting the eggs, feeding and watering the dogs and cats and now they are having adventures playing in the puddles and the barn.  The baby in her pink booties is papoosed and taking her midday nap.

Jesus, how our spirits are lifted with this glorious weather and family time galore!  There is something so spring like about mud puddles and rubber boots on the farm.  It is wonderful that we are no longer frowned upon by you as in the time of Noah and the flood.  It hurt my heart to read the words from Genesis today about how you "regretted that you had made man on the earth."  I know that you are pure LOVE and forgive us unconditionally - we need fall on our knees and humbly admit that we are nothing without you in our lives, in our families, in our Beloved Church... all are yours as we die to self so that you may live in us!  You are Bread of us always without fail, and we reach out to touch your Body and Blood each day thanks to those men that are here bringing your Body and Blood/LIFE into the world!  We pray for all priests and for more men to say "yes" to your call!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
She rolled over last night, and she loved when grandma sang to her "there were 10 in the bed"... until they all rolled out and the little one said "goodnight."  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke and mini-me, Evangeline Mary, except for the blue eyes!
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True LOVE!
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St Valentine, intercede for marriages that are under attack. 
Happy Feast Day St. Valentine.
St. Valentine
Died: 269
Feast day: February 14
Patronage: love, youth, happy marriages...

Saint Valentine of Rome was a bishop and martyr of the early church. Not much is known about him, except that his relics were found in the catacombs and an ancient church was dedicated to him. Tradition has it that Valentine cured the blind daughter of a Roman judge who along with his household, was later baptized. St. Valentine married couples, going against the edict of Claudius II. It was said that on the day of his execution, he gave a note to his jailer’s daughter that he cured, that was signed “your Valentine”. He’s pictured with birds because birds start pairing in February around his feast day.
Danielle Rose - If I touch him
Danielle Rose - The LOVE/The Cross
Susan/Hallel listened to this song over and over before she left for the monastery.  I weep when I hear it now!
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
St Cyril and Methodius pray for us.  Brothers that loved the Lord and The Word!
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