Thursday, March 9, 2017

"A married woman must often leave God at the altar to find him in her household care." St Frances of Rome

Easter Sunday 28 years ago... I had just lost a 5 month boy in my womb a few months before this.  I did not know that this would be the entirety of my family with 2 more losses yet to face and my wish for 12 children resulting in 5 with me on earth and 7 praying for me and keeping my eyes and heart on heaven!  Our ways are not the Lord's ways!  How I prayed that I could have one more after John so that the world could see the fact that I had not stopped after having my boy, but not to be.  I must use words or just silently bare the falsehood.
My consideration of a call to religious life has resulted in my own daughter now a nun!  I am gifted with some windows of being allowed to be a contemplative with her Community of the Lamb!
"I want to be a nun, so yes I want to be Catholic!"  me to my dad 45 years ago, and every day in The Church has been gloriously wonderful!

 Yes, I married a farmer - a city girl come to the farm!  I have learned a lot and there is much more I have to learn.  The reigns have been passed on to our daughter, Ruth, her husband, Paul, and soon they will welcome their 6th child - our 15th grandchild!  My 3 oldest daughters are married and each open to life and raising them as Lights!   Watching their sacrifice, allows me to recall my own, and with Maria here with her children - 5 of them from age 9 to age 4 months... I am experiencing what it takes to feed, care for, and for Maria, homeschool each day.  The words of the Saint for today - St Frances of Rome... "A married woman must often leaven God at the altar to find him in her household care."  So True!  Unlike Hallel and her Community of the Lamb, who are contemplative and spend their days in prayer, adoration, and mass, and time to time missions where they knock on the door of the poor to beg for their food.  As wives and mothers to growing families we are called to find Jesus in our homes and all that we do in our household to raise LIGHTS for the world!
St Frances of Rome
Italy ~ 1384 -1440
Wife, mother, monastic, mystic
Great devotion to Passion and faith in angels
Given gift to see Guardian angel in bodily form
Oft said by St Frances, "God's Will is mine."
Feast Day - March 9

 Nancy's first Communion!  Maria's daughter, Therese has had her first Communion a few years now, and was sharing how she wanted to shower and be so clean for Jesus on her first Communion day.  For such a young girl she had a profound understanding of how special this gift of His Body and Blood was to her now and always!
 Maria in the Poor Clares for 5 months discerning her call in 2004!  I wanted my children to discern the Lord's plan for each of them, and religious life is such a beautiful option! 
Maria discerned out, but now she is encouraging her children to also consider a call.  Therese has for her Godparents, Aunt Little Sister Hallel, a nun, and a priest for her Godfather.  Imagine the prayers!
They have lived with us for almost 2 of the 5 months they will be living with us while Joe is getting training in the army.  I just started doing "T's" hair each day!  I have always loved to do girl's hair after having 4 girls in a row!  I would love to put a topknot in Evangeline's hair, but it would only stay in there for moments, so...  Today she is gone to Sioux Falls with her mom to meet her Godfather... Fr Samson, a parish priest in the Sioux Falls Diocese!  So many prayers and so much outpouring of love on this little sweetheart!
Lots of excitement with the new stroller they borrowed by Aunt Ruth and the carseat!  She seems to like it almost as much as she loves all those fingers stuffed in her mouth!
Kateri braids/Indian braids today and Bernadette braids/French braids the day before... grandma in in her glory!
Simon and Mary up with Steve Angrisano at the wonderful mission we have been blessed with this lent in our church! 
Steve Angrisano - Go make a Difference
Yes, it is his song!
Steve Angrisano - the nun story... I enjoyed this one about the best and shared with his that we have our nun!
Holy Redeemer kids up leading - "yes, Lord!"  Another one of his songs that is so important to us in praise and worship time!
The cup pyramid at snacks after the mission.

The house is quiet now, Maria has gone to Sioux Falls with the baby, and the other 4 are playing at Ruth's.  For a young mother the days are filled with all that is needed to care for our families.  It is hard to find meaning in these small tasks, but for me... I found so much joy in my kids getting along and sharing prayer time and work time.  Some of my favorite times are the big canning days or the days we would be busy together outside.  Sharing Jesus with JOY by attending mass together as a family!
Evangeline attended the mission with her mom and family!

Jesus, being a wife and mother allows us to die to self so that you may live in our marriage, family, kids, and then on to their families.  We are blessed to have the prayers of our Little Sister Hallel and her contemplative Community of The Lamb!  So wonderful to have her coming for her first home visit in 4 years, and that it is working out that all of us can see her at one time or another!  Captain Joseph just got leave to fly into KC and see Hallel for the first time in 6 years!  Your Gospel today is amazing and so true!  Ask, seek, knock... we long to grow deeper in faith each day, and you answer our pleas!  Thank you, Lord!  Be with all our us this day and use us to your honor and glory!   Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
The electrician just left, and the bathrooms are done!  I survived the 2 1/2 months it took, and the stress, and wrong decisions I made and had to correct, and the living in the midst of remodel, and the sharing one bathroom with many, and now we are looking to be set for years to come.  If I don't have to remodel again in my lifetime... I will be happy and at peace.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
A headshot of John as he is getting ready to speak... how he loves and burns to share his story of finding Faith through brain cancer!
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Faithful wife and example of lay sanctity.
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The women  I love and admire!
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
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I need to learn more about this man... he is amazing!  Once again there is so much with each new day of this journey!
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The Truth!
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