Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hallel on my mind... the sign of Jonah/repent and be saved!

Newly arrived from France to set up a new foundation in the United States.... the first one, and in the heart of our country in Kansas City, Kansas!  Susan had just flown to France to join The Community of the Lamb in Sept of 2008, and a month later we had the 6 from KC come and visit the farm in harvest.  Their arriving in America gave Hallel the freedom to say an enthusiastic "yes" to the Lord's call to her to become his bride!

The Community has modeled how to love and forgive and not to judge others.  Today in the Gospel we are reminded that we are called to turn away from sin and repent in order to be saved from condemnation or destruction.  It has been a powerful lesson to witness how their love brings others to come to Jesus.  Their contemplative prayer life fills them with so much Truth as they become the Gospel/Christ knocking on the door of the poor.  Humbly begging for their food from the poor?  How can this be?  I Kings 17:7-16... Elijah and the Widow was the answer to prayer for Little Sister Marie!
 The day she took her habit and changed her name from Susan to Little Sister Hallel! 

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