Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I choose forgiveness... marriage/relationships are impossible without forgiveness!

Years back with my Susan... I am so excited to know soon we will be gifted with some precious time with her!
Grandpa with his arms full about 7 years ago... today with the Gospel being where Peter asks Jesus how often he needs to forgive - "not 7 times but 77 times."  I have been reading some sharings today about how forgiveness is how we are able to find peace and harmony in our lives/marriages/families/relationships/hard times in life/ and without forgiveness we are doomed to fail. 
 A most cherished picture from The Community I have been gifted as Little Sister Marie, the foundress of The Community of the Lamb washes the feet of a little Sister taking her final vows.  The Gospel comes to life with them!  The words they live by..."Wounded, I will not cease to love."  In other words there is no limit to the number of times I will forgive even if the other person is not aware of their hurting me or sorry for hurting me. That is hard to do! 
Susan now Little Sister Hallel on her prom day.  She went with a group of girls and they rode to prom on the MAT bus.  Humbly they went and had probably more fun than many others, who were into drinking, scoring or just went with a stranger to have a date.  It hurts in high school days not to be considered for a date, but we can turn that frown upside down. 

Such a powerful story today in the Magnificat about a young 13 year old girl murdered on her way home from school in 1984.  The house filled with friends giving support gave them comfort until a stranger knocked on their door and shared that he, too, was the parent of a murdered child.  "We invited him in to the kitchen table, and for the next two hours he told us in vivid detail everything he'd lost- his health, his relationships, his concentration, his ability to work. He'd even lost all memory of his daughter, because now he could only think of the murder, the trauma, and the hate that followed.... And so we made a decision that night that we would respond differently, and we chose the path of forgiveness..." Wilma Derksen
Pat and I dancing at his sister's wedding years ago... marriage requires daily forgiveness of so many things big and small, but mostly the small annoyances.  I am not sure if the good outweighs the bad and hard and the crosses that come our way.  After all, marriage is the sandpaper that rubs off our rough edges and is our narrow path to heaven forever with Jesus.  We are called to die to self, so that the Holy Spirit can give us the ability to forgive and forget. 

Wilma Derksen continues so powerfully about her daily call to forgiveness;
Little did I know that the word, "forgiveness" would haunt me for the next thirty years - prod me, guide me, heal me, label me, enlighten me, imprison me, free me and, in the end, define me.  I was right out there in public- confessing to everyone the desires of my heart...
For me forgiving has been about turning what has happened to us into good.  Forgiveness is not just a one-off event, nor does it mean you're doing the same thing again and again.  The issues of Candace's murder present themselves differently every day.  Forgiveness if fresh, ongoing, ever present position of the mind which takes on many forms.  It's a promise of what we want to do.
What would be do without rubber boots on the farm? 
 Susan and her Simon at their birthday time before she headed to study in Rome, fall in love with The Community of the Lamb, and eventually enter and become a Little Sister.  Digging into old precious pictures today... can you tell?
 First grandchild, Simon, knows he is loved!  We will have #15 arrive in about a week!  Our love has only grown that much bigger... not stretched more thin.  Today another wonderful sharing reminded me..." Our children in their innocence and generosity are fountains of forgiveness for all the mistakes we make. Our friends and family who have been with us through thick and thin have forgiven and not counted the cost."  I think we can all relate to this in our families!
Susan/newly Little Sister Hallel pushing John up to the Green Cathedral in France almost 8 years ago.  We miraculously found ourselves in France for Susan to take her habit and change her name after John's second chemo for brain cancer!
Tomorrow night is giving a talk in Fulda... how he burns to share his stories of finding Faith through brain cancer... The Power of Prayer and how God reached out and healed him through his unconditional love and forgiveness!
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Lord, touch many hearts as you reveal your unconditional love and forgiveness no matter what! 
 A miracle! 

Jesus, I am yours, and I choose to forgive no matter the injury of circumstance!  Holding onto anger and hatred and feeling sorry for oneself leads no where but to lose relationships, love, peace and a small slice of heaven here on earth in our domestic Church/family.  To find that happiness we need to let go of our hurts and pride and die to self and forgive and give without counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
Helping her brother down the narrow path in France and in life.  John depends on her prayers each day, as do we all!  She is not with us day to day in body, yet we know of her constant without ceasing prayers for us!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Grandma Ann went to KC to see Susan about 7 years ago!
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I cannot forgive on my own... I can only do it through Christ, who strengthens me!
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how Christ strengthens and feeds me!
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without end!
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I always think of my dad and how he shares the
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"Jesus becoming man" "Jesus sanctifying"
"Jesus born in poverty"
"Jesus sacrificed"
"Jesus Holy of holies"
"Jesus in his agony"
"Jesus scourged"
"Jesus crowned with thorns"
"Jesus carrying his Cross"
"Jesus crucified"
"Jesus risen from the dead"
"Jesus ascending to heaven"
"Jesus filling thee with the Holy Spirit"
"Jesus raising thee up"
"Jesus crowning thee"
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