Friday, March 31, 2017

Joy abounds in our family! Welcome Joy Jean Lanoue! Hallel on the phone in KC to get the news!!!

She's here!  Our 15th grandchild is here safe and sound and we are so joyful!!!!  Welcome to our family Joy Jean!  Big and healthy and nursing like a champ we are told.  The family will visit after school, and grandma can't wait to see the complete picture... all 8 of them!

Up early watching cow TV and listening to the kids awake up where my kids were many years ago!  The large picture window still with the angel that Maria rubbed on there over 20 years ago.  Today she expressed special excitement with the rising sun!
We have had a string of gloomy overcast days, so to watch the sun rise so bright and beautiful with all the excitement we all felt knowing that Ruth was in having her little girl!  The prayers started with our breakfast blessing and continued with rosary beads...
Rose went to get her rosary beads and join grandma in prayers for her new little sister.  "I am getting my baby sister today!  I can't wait to go and hold her!"   Soon the news of her safe arrival came to us along with pictures of her... there she is!  Rose just wanted to look at her and look at her and had so much joy and excitement! 
Rosary and cow TV - a true Catholic farm girl!  Prayer fills us with all that we need to get through the times of waiting and hoping and with the dawn - JOY!
Prayers in the dark quiet house at 6a this morning... The Holy Family was gifted to Ruth at her first baby shower for Simon from Paul's Grandmother!  It was always in a place of honor in their home as they welcomed 12 children, and it was such a powerful thing when she passed it on to Ruth and Paul.  It has a place of honor in their home now as they welcome their 6th child.  Paul and the kids got Ruth flowers for the occasion of their new little Joy Jean!  A candle representing the prayers without ceasing answered with safety for Joy and her amazing mom, Ruth Ida!
Grandpa surrounded by 3 of his loving granddaughters!  How he loves them, and they love him, too!
He always wants to hold the babies, and the sunlight is so warm and bright! 

Today in the first reading from Wisdom... we hear the words and thoughts of those that harmed Jesus during the carrying of the Cross and the crucifixion.... "God will take care of him."  is true yet he still had to suffer and die for us.  We are asked to take up our cross and follow after him, and that means dying to self!  Being open to family and raising lights certainly allows us to do that as we serve without counting the cost.
The girls are busy making cards for their newest sister/cousin, while the boys will be boys!
A short time after she entered the world!  Perfect in every way!  Our hearts are filled with more love with each new life and our family has become more rich and full of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT! 

There have been some horrible news that brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart about babies that survive abortions are killed brutally!  How can this happen? I am just sick about it, and find myself just filled with such horror at the thought that I can only weep!  Not too much removed from the innocent soul of our Lord facing his death and cruelty when he was perfect/without sin/God/man!  To consider that a perfect creation/made in the image of God could be brutally and painfully murdered!  "the innocent soul's reward."  Heaven forever with Jesus, Mary and the Saints, but how I pray that this evil will end!  There are so many empty arms that long for a child to love, how can these little ones not find them?  Jesus, we turn to you and trust in you!
Excited and happy and basking in the morning sunlight!  An angel pondering the wonder of another family filled with LIFE living on the farm!  "It is so right that they are here on the farm!"  Pat and I both are so convinced of how right this is!  In a couple days Joy will join them and the picture will be complete!
I just love these! 

Jesus, the JOY is filling me to overflowing.  It was such a gift to talk to Hallel on the phone this morning and share with her that her newest niece is here safe and sound.  There are limited times that we are able to know that she is sharing in our family happiness and joy, and today was a total gift in so many ways!  All those prayers have surrounded both Joy and Hallel with her long days of travel to join their Community of the Lamb in KC today, and little JOY from the moment we knew she was in Ruth's womb!  Such a work of art she is and so much excitement and great JOY to finally meet her and hold her.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Please end the taking of innocent souls and cherishing of all life from conception to natural death.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
Luke and Jenny the dog playing on the deck... love the family on the farm!  So perfect, and as it should be!  Now a new baby to bring home a year after they moved in... just as I brought John home to this farm a year after we moved here in 1989.  It looks like Paul just got here to put WELCOME JOY JEAN on the little red barn.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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The spectacular sunrise on this your day of birth sweet Joy Jean!  You are sharing this birthday with your grandpa, Larry Lanoue!  So special and a happy birthday to both!

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