Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Moutaintop experiences" the finger print of God on our lives!

My house is so quiet!  After 2 months of intense family time... my ears strain for the sounds of family.  The snow is blowing across the window, and the backs of the cows on cow TV have a blanket of snow on their backs.  I can imagine a certain house in Sarona, Wisconsin where the family has now relocated for 10 days,  to being filled with all that has been filling our lives with LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT and some crying and complaining too!  Little 4 month old, Evangelin...a, is sweet and more and more alert each day, but she is a baby and cries often to eat and get her diaper changed.  I also think she has fallen in love with her grandpa Pat, and visa versa, and misses that he is not around much these days as we are into all out calving!  With the storm coming we had a huge 24 hour period of 11 calves, and then yesterday only 2.  We will see what today holds, and of course, there are constant prayers for all to go well. 
A picture taken of the snowy cows on cow TV.  You see lots of them licking their backs to get that cold white stuff off of them. 

Father was talking about "mountaintop experiences" in his homily last night as the Gospel today is The Transfiguration.  How I am filled to the brim with JOY at the numerous times the Lord has placed his finger upon my life and in many ways "his face shown like the sun and his clothes became white as light."  Matthew 17  The pinnacle was our coming into the Catholic Church 45 years ago... all 13 of us!

The motley crew in 1971 at "the farm."  A bit ridiculous now that I have been a farm wife for 38 years, and know that it was merely a building site with a big garden.

Recalling our early Catholic days filled with discerning religious life, and daily mass, and becoming a nurse at a Catholic college (St Kates),and reading Merton and A'Kempis and falling in love with the Saints and Asceticism, and Our Lady, and living behind the cloister for a month with Cenacle Sisters and discerning a call to be a spouse of Christ, meeting Pat Verly and hearing the call to be a wife and mother and raise LIGHTS while being open to LIFE, and the 5 here with us carrying forth the mission of Christ and The Church... 3 married with growing families, one a nun in Rome, and one healed from brain cancer and burning to share his LIGHT/story of finding Faith through brain cancer, with 7 in heaven praying for us.

A good picture for today... the 4 girls in snowsuits taken in 1987.  The 3 older are mothers now with large families by the world's standards,  Ruth expecting #6 in a few weeks, Nancy with 4, and Maria with 5.  Susan has answered a call to be the spouse of Christ, and is a nun.  "Because of your call, you now have a little Sister Hallel."  Yes, I had the girls go on retreats with nuns in habits, so that they would consider a call to give their all to Jesus as a nun!  Such a wonderful option!  We are so blessed by the prayers of Susan/Hallel and her Community of the Lamb!  We are overjoyed to be getting a home visit from our nun in a month or so.  The first one in 4 years!  Talk about a mountaintop experience!

The day Susan told us she would be joining The Community of the Lamb in France.  They has just opened their first foundation in the U.S. in Kansas City!

I know that the mountaintop experiences are passing and we need to be down in the valleys of life in our day to day living, but I have to say that Jesus in The Word, The Sacraments, my time in prayer each day with Mary, The Mother of God, the Saints walking with me and interceding for me... well, each day I am given in The Church fills me with more than I can ever get my heart, mind and soul around!  The JOY wells up in me and I am filled to the brim with what it takes to face the hard knocks and still not throw in the towel.  I pray that armed with all those graces and blessings... I can live this motto of the Community of the Lamb - "Wounded, I will not cease to love!" 
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"The Christian Cross is not a furnishing for the house or an ornament to wear, but a call to the love with which Jesus sacrificed himself to save humanity from evil and from sin." Pope Francis

Such a powerful reminder of the LOVE we are called to no matter what comes our way!
Pope Francis venerates the cross on Good Friday, 2015. Credit: L'Osservatore Romano.
"The Cross is a call to LOVE."  Pope Francis
Out to get the chickens ready for the storm, and now John is back from mass and we plan to share the office for the first time in a long time together, so... I need to wrap this up for today.
Chickens gathered around fresh food and water and the door in to keep the storm on the other side.  A good feeling knowing that the animals are in good condition.  Now we can feel comfortable and safe throughout the storms of life.  Yes, the mountaintop is amazing and small pieces of heaven keep me always looking to be forever in heaven with my Jesus and his wonderful amazing Mother, Mary the Mother of God! 

Lord, I long to come always to you and fall on my knees in total LOVE!  Jesus, we trust in you.  bless-bless, Barb
Cozy in our house on a Sunday in the storm. 
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Marthe Robin - lived on only The Eucharist for 51 years!
Pope Francis declared Marthe Robin venerable on Nov. 7, 2014. Today an average of 40,000 people a year visit and pray at the home where Venerable Marthe lived and died. Marthe was quoted as saying, “I want to cry out to those who ask me if I eat, that I eat more than them, for I am fed by the Eucharist of the blood and flesh of Jesus. I would like to tell them that it is they who arrest and block the effects of this food in themselves.”  - See more at:

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