Thursday, March 30, 2017

"She is traveling today and should get here in KC tonight!" Holy Mother!

Two days from Evangeline's 5 month milestone, one day til we welcome her cousin outside the womb/Ruth's 6th giving birth day, and today Little Sister Hallel lands on American soil after 2 years away, and 4 years since she was home on the farm!  I called KC last night to hear if Susan/Hallel had arrived safely, and Benedict told me that she had traveled to Paris yesterday, and would come to the U.S. today.  I told her that I would call later today and make sure she arrived safely as any mother would do, right?  Then tomorrow I will call and let her know that her new little niece is born.  Then I will stop, as we are not supposed to be bothering them during Lent.  It just happened that I have a reason to call 3 days in a row, and I might not talk to Hallel at all but I have a feeling she will speak to me briefly.  I think it is obvious that I am very excited to know that she is close by. 
Farm supper last night in Ruth's large open farm kitchen while Ruth and Paul went and "taught kids about Jesus" at Faith Formation.  Pat and I are praying a lot for safety for our wonderful Ruth Ida and her new baby daughter tomorrow morning bright and early (5a) they are going in for the scheduled C-section!  This wonderful song by Eric Clapton - Holy Mother came across my mind and heart as she certainly is our spiritual Mother and holds us close at times of anxiety and worry. 
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How is that for a shot in the arm and reminder that our worries and fears are not needed except to complicate the work God wants to do in our lives!
Dad listen to this one... you will love it!
Eric Clapton - Holy Mother
Farmer Ruth made a marvelous supper for 10 kids and 6 adults!  Even both oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, and orange jello with manderine oranges on top!  My heart swells with such happiness/joy as I recall the many meals with my own kids and having homemade cookies for them after school.  Little Rose, who will be 5 in a month, put on her coat and went out to "ride her bike" in the dark... we saw her scoot by on a scooter in her pink coat, and then she came in and reported that she had let the wet dogs ( it was lightly raining) and cats into the warm shop to sleep on their pile of hay.  Pat's wonderful new heated shop is just steps away from the house, and the animals would never go in there to stay at night... they would run out the first chance they could get, until Pat accidentally dropped some hay on the floor... now every night they long to get in there and lay in their nest in the hay to sleep warm and content.  So cute!  There is a new ritual of going out to let the animals in for the night, and "early in the morning I see the kids run out to let them out before they go to school."
Baby girl fell asleep on the couch this morning with a bootie missing and her fingers in her mouth.  7 year old brother, David, picked out her clothes this morning, and she turned out pretty cutsie wootsie!

Another comforting reminder today of Moses standing up for the people after they had made the molten calf and worshiped it... similarly we do this in our lives as we worship things and obsessions and other ways we are separated from Christ.  Jesus offers us his very life!
All we need do is humbly confess our sins and we will be healed of our wounds and need not carry them forth with us after being forgiven of our sins!

Jesus, I need you and thank you for your healing graces that are always poured out upon me!
Grace is a participation in the life of God. It introduces us into the intimacy of Trinitarian life.  CCC #1997
"So grace isn't just help; it's actually a new kind of life- God's eternal life, poured into our soul 'to heal it of sin and to sanctify it" (CCC#1999) so that we can become like Him and live the way He lives."  Vinny Flynn  Wow!  Lord, this is just what I long for!  To become like you and live the way you live and follow after you down the narrow path carrying/dragging my Most Cherished Cross to the final goal of being forever with you in heaven!  Yes, that element of sacrifice and suffering is always part of the path we are called to follow, and we need to die to self in order to pursue a good and holy life and to become the saints we are each called to become.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
So close to having our new little sweet girlie/lamb in our arms!  LIFE is a gift to protected and cherished from conception to natural death.  "A person's a person no matter how small."  Dr Suess
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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