Monday, March 20, 2017

"Sunday is always a good and special day!"

Sunday July 10th last year... Ruth with her 5, soon to be 6 on the 3ist of March, and grandma Ann.  Pat's mother has been gone now for over 3 months, and we have a huge hole in our lives with her gone after her love and care and involvement in our lives always!  Ruth has always had her grandma close by on the farm, canning, coming to support her at school events.  Since she broke her hip we have included her in picking her up for mass, and then with close to 2 years on hospice we would bring Jesus/The Eucharist and readings from mass to share with her in her wonderful home each Sunday!
Sharing Jesus in The Word and His Body each Sunday was a special gift to us all!  Now we know that she is with us in spirit, yet we miss our Sundays sharing Jesus!
Worshiping as a family has always been top priority for Pat and our family.  Sharing our Faith with JOY is the key to passing on our belief in The True Church to our family/domestic Church!  I predict that in a few weeks Pat will have the new granddaughter in his huge arms.  He is looking forward to Maria's return tomorrow night with her 5... most especially her baby, Evangeline...a.
Grandpa Pat with his girls!  Rose was in the tractor last night..."She sits in her seat with her legs crossed and talks and talks.  She is so excited for her new little sister to come.  She was practicing changing diapers on her dollies.  She could be a big help to her mom."
The Love of children and openness to LIFE has come to us from both of our parents!  Pat's mom lit up for the little ones in her life... they could bring a smile to her face for sure!

Sundays have always had a specialness to them around here, and in our marriage.  Pat and I were both struck by some words in the introductory prayer to the Eucharistic prayer at mass yesterday about the Samaritan woman at the well, and how Jesus thirsted for her faith and enkindled the fire of divine love in her!  How I have felt that, too!  Jesus pursuing me and my family!  Sundays are the one day that Pat might relax at home a bit more, and he commented on a gift we shared in a surprising way.  "Why?" he asked me.  All I could think was that Sundays are a special day for us, and so it just came with Sunday!  How appropriate that this day set aside for us to love and worship as a family should carry with it special gifts as a result of sharing our Faith with JOY and receiving Jesus, Word, Body and Blood!   Knowing that although Hallel is an ocean away that we are united in The Eucharist!
After mass on Sunday of Labor Day weekend/the Sainthood of St Teresa of Calcutta... Yes, I added Hallel and now we have new little Evangeline and soon our new granddaughter as well.  You know that I plan to wear out my camera with so many pictures of us with Hallel.  I think I can manage one of everyone except Captain Joseph, but he will be in KC with his family and Hallel!  He will probably have to be added to the large group, too! 

Easter Sunday will be amazing this year with Hallel and her Community!  I think that Simon will want to be there for the big fire they set to mark his LIGHT coming into the world in the predawn hours!  How Hallel loved to turn around and see her Simon there sharing the Vigil with her!
 The LIGHT of Christ!
 These two have always had a special bond... Birthdays just 2 days apart, and Simon was the first nephew, and he and Hallel shared time before she entered.  Many prayers sent his way, which is good as Simon has his challenges as he is in the autism spectrum!
He has risen from the tomb!

What JOY floods my heart this day recalling the beauty of our Sundays/the day of rest and worship and JOY!  Sundays are just plain good and filled with good family times!  I have such fond memories of wonderful Sunday dinners in the dining room with my family and lots of Sundays with our family.  Lots of laughter and good farm food - "A farm dinner has meat, potatoes and more than one vegetable."  Maria a few years back when she asked for a "farm dinner" for her birthday meal. LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT comes to us with our reception of Jesus in His Word, His Body and His Blood!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
Watching Cow TV in KC two years ago as we gathered for Easter Sunday dinner with The Community of the Lamb!  This year Hallel can come and see the cows first hand, and she will be here on a Sunday in May and Sunday Dinner will huge and wonderful!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Soon we will be with our Hallel and her Community of the Lamb!
Another special Sunday!
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St Joseph today!  Big celebration for our family!  Patrick Joseph, Captain Joseph, David Joseph, Patrick Joseph, Romeo Joseph, and Mary Joseph!
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So precious!

Danielle Rose - Pursue me
Danielle Rose - See you in the Eucharist

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