Thursday, March 16, 2017

"the human heart... who can understand it?" "see ourselves mirrored in the pupils of His eyes."

Easter 1991... the infamous Easter hat/John falling down picture taken up in Taylor's Falls as we had just gotten out of the car after a 4 hour car ride to snap this picture that goes down in our family history... to give us a good laugh for many reasons.  I know that the Easter hats were not worn in the long car ride, so where were they until this photographic moment?  Under the seat, in the lap in the trunk or the back of the van?  Our family of 7 has grown to reach 25 in two weeks! 
Pat and I spent the evening over at Ruth and Paul's home on the farm, and what JOY I had as I went into the bedroom and found the crib up awaiting the new little granddaughter due to arrive on March 31st!  Rose is having fun with her dolls in it, and practicing changing their diapers.  I think Ruth could have some help from big sister, Rose, as she has watched her cousin Therese caring for her baby sister!  Our Lady stands watch and vigil from the deck, just where she was when we lived there and this was the family room. 
The family is ready and excited.  I kept saying that I was having "too much fun!" I loved to see all in ready for our new baby girl!  Ruth and I mirror each other so much!  I just recalled that a year after we moved here in 1989... I welcomed child #5... John Patrick!  She certainly fills me with joy as how she seems to live my life anew!  It truly is too much fun!!!
The dress her baby sister will wear for Easter, and Rose has one coming that it white and gold, too!  Ruth also has adopted the fun of having a theme for dressing the kids alike or at least matching. 
Little girls clothes all cleaned and hung in the closet!  The Baptismal dress that grandma Verly made for Ruth and each girl wore, now the great-granddaughters are wearing it!  LOVE!

In the first reading from mass - Jeremiah 17... the words of I, the Lord to us..."More torturous than all else is the human heart, beyond remedy; who can understand it?  I, the Lord, alone probe the mind and test the heart. to reward everyone according to his ways, according to the merits of his deeds."  How I long that the Lord will find me worthy of being forever in heaven with him!  I am just back from daily Eucharist and an hour in the Adoration chapel.  Such an amazing gift and way to start the day!  I love these words of Fr. Jose Guadalupe Traveno
"Those who love and see each other feel irresistibly
attracted to each other; they cannot bear to be separated.
This, we may believe, was one of the reasons
why Jesus invented the Eucharist.

He wanted to shorten the distance; 
to look on us, not alone from far-off heaven, but from near by,
so near that, if the sacramental veils of the Mystery were rent,
we should be able to hear His throbbing Heart
and see ourselves mirrored in the pupils of His eyes"
A very excited big sister!!!
Cow TV and the view of the yard in Ruth's new kitchen where our bed used to be.  I love to stand at the sink and take it all in! 

How I love to think about the tremendous LOVE that Jesus has for us, and after receiving his Body and Blood and then sitting at his feet for an hour... I am saturated by the LOVE for me!  The Gospel for today - the rich man and Lazarus covered with sores.  Isn't it true that denying ourselves and although we are wounded for our faith and sharing that without hesitation... the comfort and strength we are given carries us through it all into the arms of our loving and forgiving Lord!  "Wounded, I will not cease to love."  Lazarus.... suffering, poor, hungry, covered with sores, dies and comes into heaven.  May we always be hungry for The Truth and long only to be united with Jesus in heaven forever and not cling to this world or anything in it!
More view of the cows and the yard.  It feels so right to have the young growing family there, and it is wonderful to see how much they love farmlife, and now a new baby born to live in that house!  So very special and a gift from above!  Our "human hearts" are made to grow and grow in our love with each new member.  Our love does not get stretched more thin... it grows larger and bigger and stronger and richer and fuller and brighter as the sunlight and JOY fills us to the brim and overflowing!
Old dog, Lilly, has finally come in out of the cold into the heated shop!  What did it take?  Pat to accidentally put some hay on the floor!  She would always make a nest in the hay outside, and now she runs in to sleep in the shop every night.
The puppy, Jenny, and the cats follow the lead.

Lord, how we long to be forever with you, your Mother, the Saints and Angels in heaven!  May we do our best to love and serve you as we serve you with every beat of our hearts, and every breath that we take... seeing ourselves reflected in the iris of your eyes as we come ever closer to Your LOVE for us!  May we return that LOVE and Mercy to those we encounter each day... most especially those in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
I came across this one in a photo album at Ruth's last night... Rose will be 5 a month after her sister is born.  Here is one of Ruth's themes and coordinated with the boys matching shirts!
O, my Jesus, I love you with all that I am able to give... help me to do more and give more and love more and die to self more and give without counting the cost more and serve more and sacrifice more and be less so that you may be my all in all!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Another theme when Rose was just a month old... soon her sister!

Tomorrow is St Patrick's day - feast day to my husband, and numerous grandsons and our son, John Patrick!  Also my sister, Mary, in heaven!  So much pulling at my heart!

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