Friday, March 10, 2017

Unexpected precoius time with Jesus...."he shall surely live" Ezekiel 18

Hallel with the 9 nieces and nephews on her last home visit 4 years ago.  The number will have reached 15 by time she comes for her home visit in a month and a half!  Therese keeps feeding my frenzy with talk of the pictures we will take with her Godmother, and the entire family gathered around her!   Even Captain Joseph will fly into KC for a few days to see her for the first time in years!  Not to mention his family from which he has been separated since mid January.  The excitement if building with each new piece falling into place to make it about as perfect as we could have ever imagined!  Thank you, Lord!
Susan/Hallel brought home a work habit to wear to help on the farm.  We had a bottle calf when she was here 4 years ago and will have lots going on with calving while she is here this time, too.  Probably some bottle calves to feed, too.  Hallel has always loved her cows, and even put a border around her room when we fixed it up for her in 2000.  I always am sure to send her some pictures and updates when I send her letters from time to time of not only the grandkids for her to smile over, but also of the cows and calves.  
Little Sister farm girl... love it!  Can't wait to share her past life on the farm with her and all her family soon. 

A friend came over at the mission of Wednesday night share another amazing Holy Spirit guided encounter with Hallel in Rome!  His niece was studying in Austria and went to Rome and wanted to go to an audience with the Pope on Wednesday.   She did not have a ticket, "some nuns helped her get in the 'back door.' They were talking afterward and she told them that she was from Minnesota."  The girl's grandma is from Marshall, so she was amazed when Hallel told her Marshall, MN!  No picture this time.... just amazement at how she turns up in Spirit led places over and over!  "She met your daughter in Rome!"  How I love to hear that she is touching lives and then allows me to share in it from across the ocean.  I love to envision the special closeness she has with her spouse, Jesus Christ, that she is led where she is to be.  Love to witness their deep seated love and closeness!
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A picture from my memories 5 years ago - 9 month old Gus with a baby calf.
A sweet Story of Sarah Rose hearing her call to belong to Jesus as a nun!  I love how she speaks about how he pursued her, and I know that Hallel experienced a similar LOVE.  Song of Songs and The Word spoke sweet love to her from her Jesus!
Danielle Rose - Pursue me
Such a gloriously beautiful small country church where we shared The Eucharist with our Hallel on her last home visit.  The Sisters of the Morning Star had placed tiny candles throughout the whole church for mass.  This altar complete with Easer lilies and both Mary's patron Saint, Mary the Mother of God, and Therese's Saint Therese in their beauty!  Mary holds her sister, Rose, who will turn 5 while Hallel is here visiting, and Therese holding Bernadette, who will be 4 1/2 for Hallel's visit! 
The picture of LIFE will be so much more with 6 new additions to our Family!  Hallel has yet to meet 4 of them for the first time, and we all await the arrival of our newest granddaughter! 

A day spent in the car traveling to a neighboring town for some repairs, rosary on the road and then a stop in the beautiful church to pray in front of Jesus in the tabernacle!  My prayers take on new and radiant life as I pray in the silent church.  With such a house full these days I find great JOY in the silence of an empty church surrounded by such beauty and Jesus's LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT glowing in the golden tabernacle!
 The crown of thorns and the nails... today with the sorrowful mysteries...
"He will surely live!"  Jesus alive and in our midst!

Jesus, I am so overwhelmed with how you love us, O Lord!  Your gift of our Hallel coming home at your Easter time of raising us to newness of LIFE!  The celebration of our newest grandchild here to meet her Aunt after being far from us for 4 years!  We sacrifice and miss her taking part in our day to day lives, yet we are blessed by her prayers for us and come together with her in The Eucharist!  The time apart makes the gift of her coming to share with her family on the farm that much more wonderful!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
Ruth with a house full last night... feeding a table full of hers and Maria's kids.  Meals will be major productions while Hallel is home along with all the family!  Each meal we fill the dishwasher and empty and refill it for the next!  Farm meals with lots of meat and milk and fruits of our canning labors!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The boys gathered around watching grandpa on cow TV bedding the cows in the calving barn, while Ruth fills up her dishwasher after feeding a dozen!
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