Friday, April 14, 2017

A real hug/The Crucified Christ was reaching in all directions to include us all!!! Come Home!

Therese has not seen her Godmother, Aunt Little Sister Hallel, for 4 years/the last home visit we had with her!  The first real hug they have shared since that time, although there have been cards, letters an phone calls uniting them since as well as daily prayers in both directions!
4 years ago, Patrick was just 6 months old and a living miracle after surviving a traumatic birth!  I was a mess of emotions today, and got my hug with a few tears and later as we gathered in Lumen Christi Monastery/Light of Christ in inner Kansas City the tears flowed at the huge occasion of being just feet away from my daughter after our two years with an ocean between us.  The sharing of deep prayer/song/The Word/Gospel of the crucifixion with the two thieves on either side.  The tears were appropriate too, for what my Savior did for me... dying for me and suffering all the indignities for me, but also blessing me greatly with a daughter, who answered an enthusiastic "yes" to his call for her to be his spouse and to bring along with her our Family of the Lamb!
Maria and I brought her 3 oldest along for the walk through the neighborhood today.  They walk in all 4 directions and proclaim the 4 Gospels concerning Christ's sacrifice on the Cross today.  It was so inspiring to hear about how Christ on the Cross has his head towards heaven, his feet towards the earth and his arms stretched out to include all the world, and if laid down on the ground he reached in all 4 directions - East, West, North and South.  So they would walk in each direction with all those present and then share one of the Gospels... Jesus died for all!!!
The procession begins and all follow Jesus on the Cross!
10 minutes of silence... Hallel and all the sisters put on their wool capes to wear on their procession through the neighborhood.  The warm sun streaming in between shots of rain between the breezy warm sun. 
Hallel reading during the service...

Grandma having her fun this morning with the two little girls... just 5 months apart, and soon they will be with their newest cousin., Joy.  They will all be together when Hallel comes home to the farm in about a month!
Sweaters on the couch and those smiles all over again!  Grandma is in heaven.  Too sweet for words!

The girls just went to kiss the Cross of Christ at their first Good Friday services with their families.  I am here with Maria's toddler as he naps, but all the others went to adore "The Cross on which hung the Savior of the world.  Come, let us worship!"  We just shared a fast meal of our homemade tomato soup and Bill's macaroni cheese bars which he grew up with for the Triduum.  We are so comfortable to have our home base here with our family in KC, where 2 years ago we had to stay at a hotel for out time here with The Community.  The kids are all playing together so wonderfully, and are now off to share Good Friday services together while grandma is here peacefully with her rosary beads.
It is so fun to watch them interact...

Jesus, I am yours and owe you my all.  May I give without counting the cost.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen
A house filled with our families sharing time on this Good Friday in KC!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The procession down the familiar streets of inner Kansas City!
Mother Angelica shares her great love for The Eucharist - "Come Home!"
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Danielle Rose - A Mother's song - The Crucifixion

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