Saturday, April 8, 2017

Countdown til Susan/Hallel!!!

One of my absolute favorites from 2 years ago, and making me dream about being together in less than a week with our Hallel/Susan!  Our current fake plans are that we will leave bright and early on Good Friday morning in the Big Black Beauty (Ruth's 11 seater van which the 8 of us will need to travel together).  We will go to Nancy's place and then we will go to Good Friday services with the Community of the Lamb from 6-9p, and then go from there to pick up Joseph from the airport at 10p.  I will have to wait another couple weeks to get the 3 baby girls together, as Ruth won't be making the trip to KC, but staying at home to watch the farm and have Tridium with Paul's family.  It would be amazing to be able to have Easter together, but it looks like they could be in the field and there is always the livestock that needs to be fed and watched over. 
Ruth is big on having themes for her family... this year it will add her newest baby girl, Joy!

My head and heart are swimming with all the wonderful keepsake pictures I will be constantly taking.  I find that I almost want to capture it all, and I start to see the frustration on faces and in body language.  I will have to get individual families with Hallel and the big family group picture.. adding the one or two that can't all be with us at the same time... namely Captain Joseph.
Two years ago in KC... Maria couldn't make it with her family, and they will be able to make it this year!  The timing could not be better as Maria will be moving to the West Coast just a few weeks after our home visit with Hallel - the first time she has been to the farm in 4 years!  We just added our newest member, little Joy, on March 31st!   Just in time to meet her Aunt who is a nun... Little Sister Hallel!  Therese has offered to help me pick out the matching dresses for the 3 little girls with their Aunt Hallel... blue would be special?!?   Oh, the fun of it all!!!
Easter service with the Community 2 years ago.  Now Nancy and family live there, and we have a home base to have huge family times with sharing meals and special gatherings between our time at Lumen Christi/LIGHT of Christ.

Easter egg hunt 2015 - provided by Ruth and Nancy and hidden around the Little Monastery in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas!  When you have 15 kids in the families - you plan ahead for their finding candy to celebrate... He LIVES!
Bringing Hallel her Easter basket complete with her favorite Peeps!  It was up to grandma to remember her!  I already have her Peeps in the cupboard, and so many fake plans filling my heart and my head to the brim with so much excitement!
Hallel loves those Peeps!  Rose likes to tease her!
Comparing dresses... so sweet!  Can't wait!  Now with 3 new granddaughters scenes like this will go on for years to come!
A baby picture of Susan.. reminding me of how much she looks like our little Evangeline.  Yes, this little girl is so familiar to our own 4 baby girls... one after another!
We always called Susan's eyes... "pleading eyes" 
We are so excited to see her in less than a week!  There is some sadness that Pat will probably not be joining us due to the spring work/planting starting.  Hopefully he will have some good time with the family... all 25 of us... for most of the days that Hallel is home with us!  Hear my prayer, Our Lady!
Me as a baby and Susan... Feeling nostalgic today, and excited for the adventures ahead with Hallel and our family of the Lamb, not to mention Nancy and her family!

Jesus, life is a gift and our time together as a family is precious and filled with more and more members.  In just the last year we have added 3 wonderful healthy new granddaughters!  To bring them together for the first time and for Hallel to meet 3 nieces and 1 nephew that she has yet to meet!  For her to see Captain Joseph for the first time in years, and Maria and her family for the first time in 4 years!  It is such a wonderful gift at how it has worked out for us to be together at long last!  Our JOY abounds!  I ask that you keep all safe in their travels and allow us to share deeply and truly on all levels!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
Then the virgins shall make merry and dance,
and young men and old as well.
I will turn their mourning into joy,
I will console and gladden them after their sorrows.
The Lord will guard us, as a shepherd guards his flock.
Psalm from mass ( Jeremiah 31)
Patrick picked out her strawberry dress for today...
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Sweet enough to eat!
 A lot happens in 9 years, and when we see the 3 girls together... one year (Josephine), 6 months (Evangeline) and one month (Joy)... it will be evident that a lot happens in the first year!   Wouldn't it be fun if they could all have strawberry dresses? 
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I love it when others share the same love for Our Spiritual Mother of Heaven and earth that I do!
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Danielle Rose - A mother's song
The Crucifixioin
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Palm Sunday tomorrow and it all begins!  I am beyond excited for the Holy week ahead this year!  Thank you, my Jesus! 
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