Friday, April 28, 2017

Feeding the multitude/Eucharist, sharing first Eucharist and Baptism!

What JOY!!  A preview of the special gift these two will share in the same Mass on Sunday!  David will receive his First Eucharist and he will witness his sister come into the Church with her Baptism shortly before.  David adores his new baby sister, Joy, and is so proud and happy to share and multiply the occasion with her.  Looking at David's baby pictures a short time ago... these two look so much alike, and now they can have a super amazing day sharing 2 of our wonderful Sacraments within  a short time from each other in the same mass on Sunday!
Ruth's door which soon will lead out to their new porch - "looks like stained glass with the bright green grass coming through.  So beautiful and making me smile big and filled with a lot of happiness as we are just 2 days away from celebrating these two receiving the Sacraments along with sister, Rose, celebrating her 5th birthday!

The Gospel today is the beginning of John 6 with the feeding of the 5,000, and I looked ahead and we will do the chapter in the days ahead!  It does make so much sense to ponder this now..."Jesus continues to feed the multitudes with the bread of life in he Eucharist, for which we give thanks especially during the Easter Season."  Christ has gifted us with His Body and Blood to be fed and go forth filled with The Holy Spirit and be his hands and feet!
Maria humored me and brought the kids over to the farm this morning for baby chick pictures!  So in love with the sweetness of this little nearly 6 month old Evangeline and a soft chick!

My morning was filled with baby chicks, little 4 week old Joy getting a bath and dressed in her Baptismal dress that her great-grandmother Verly made for her mom and Aunts 37 years ago, and then pictures that make my world go around!  Praying with John and Pat this morning I was so filled with wonder and awe to realize that we have John 6 coming to ring the Truth far and wide!  "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst."  John 6:35  That is our Truth in a nutshell and in black and white!
With mommy!
 Therese and David...
Beautiful 9 year old Therese... the scarf is due to unseasonably cold weather.  Only in the 30s today.
The 5 with rubber boots, tractor, and a couple soft baby chicks.
Therese and Mary found a wounded bird yesterday... quite something to get that close to this magnificent animal!  She released her outside, and we hope she eventually flew away.
Showing it to baby sister...

Lord, we are filled with so much excitement and JOY at the wonderful Sacraments of your Church which you instituted to aid us on the journey down the narrow path carrying/dragging our most Cherished Cross and following after you.  Bless both Joy as she is baptized into The Church and her brother, David, who will now come the table to be fed your Body and Blood!  Jesus, we thank you and Trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Yes, it's cold out, and the winter clothes are needed once again!  It could be nice while Hallel is here, so we might finally be able to get the crop in.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
So excited Pat's sister sent us crocheted headbands for the girls when they get together in a week!  Thank you!
There is a perfect baby in the farm house again!  Ruth and I both had babies a year after we moved into this house!  So wonderful!
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This is a special day - ST Gianna's feast day!

And St Louis de Montfort... he loved Our Lady and showed us how!
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